How to Update to New Wallet

A simple and secure guide to get you on the latest version. NOTICE: VERSION 3.1.1 IS A MANDATORY UPDATE!

Before you get started installing the new wallet, it is optimal to do the following steps to ensure that you are safe and secure for the new update.

Do One Last Coin Control

This step is one of the most important, and often first step to be skipped. It is NOT without reason. The Development Fee code is written to reset all inputs to have to remature upon staking. This is done to help all wallets stake evenly and take UNFAIR advantage from larger staking pools, who hog all of the staking rewards and disallow USERS who are staking on their own wallets to HELP MAINTAIN NETWORK STABILITY!

To combine your inputs, please follow the following excellent video instruction:

Backup Your Wallet

Creating Wallet.dat file

After having done this, you should create a backup of your current wallet. This can be done simply from the File menu item, by clicking “Backup Wallet”.

Once you click this, a file explorer popup will appear, and you can choose the file name and destination of your backup. Backups are recommended to be put on a USB or external drive of some sort to ensure that you are truly secure in the event of a hard drive failure.

Advanced Option: Private Key Dump

This option is recommended for experts only who wish to use the command line interface. If you feel uncomfortable at this point, please stick to the Option 1 above.

If you would like to do an advanced backup that is secure without needing a file, you can do a private key dump of all addresses in your wallet. Ensure you have done the coin control step written above to make this step as simple as possible.

First, lock your wallet and then unlock with the For Staking Only box unchecked, as shown below.

Second, open the Debug Console view.

Once open, type in the following commands for your respective operating system!

a. If you are on a WINDOWS COMPUTER, try one of the following…

dumpwallet C:/wallet.txt
dumpwallet /wallet.txt
dumpwallet wallet.txt

This wallet.txt file will either be located in your BUZZ Bootstrap Folder (available via tools section), on your Desktop, or in the same folder where your buzzcoin-qt.exe is located.

b. If you are on a MAC (OS X)

dumpwallet /Users/Shared/wallet.txt

This backup text should be kept somewhere very secure to ensure no one has access to your funds.

Regardless which backup method you have chosen, please close your BUZZ wallet and ensure that it shuts down properly before proceeding.

You can check that it is truly shut down by checking task manager ctrl+alt+delete.

Download the New Wallet

The wallet is available for download via our github releases page. DO NOT DOWNLOAD WALLETS FROM ANYWHERE ELSE, OR YOU ARE AT RISK OF PHISHING OR SCAMMING.

Optional: Apply the Bootstrap

If you are downloading the wallet for the first time, ensure you have set up the bootstrap, which is available on our page. Once this is done, you can proceed to the next step.

If you are downloading the wallet update AFTER block 950k, THIS STEP IS MANDATORY!
Also, if you have downloaded a buzzcoin.conf from a user, please delete this as it will remove stale nodes. If you have modified your own buzzcoin.conf file, please remove these nodes you may have added.
In fact, it is recommended that you delete all files in this folder EXCEPT for the wallet.dat file, so ensure that you are running a clean version of the newest update.

In the newest 3.1.1 release, opening the bootstrap folder is super easy. Locate it using the new menu item!

yes, this is a Mac screenshot… but it is the same thing on Windows.

Opening your New Wallet

Now, it should be as simple as double clicking the new wallet and you should be ready to go! The backups were just in case something went wrong, and should not be needed.

If you have ANY problems or questions to resolve , please refer to the FAQ document we have written before consulting with our official channels, thank you!