Multiple Dev Fund Transaction Reimbursement Process

With the 3.0, a Development Fee was added to help fund future projects, infrastructure and more. With the quantity of stakes incoming after the 950k block, things are expected to be a little wild for a few days. Thank you for your patience!

Table of Contents

  1. Information on High Volume of Orphan Blocks
  2. Official Reason For Multiple Sendings
  3. Steps for Proper Reimbursement
  4. Submitting your Reimbursement Request

Information on High Volume of Orphan Blocks

The orphaned blocks (question marks in your transaction list) are completely normal — with the timing reset after the v3.0 wallet, all wallets are trying to win a stake at the moment, and the orphan blocks are caused by your own wallet trying to stake at the same time as someone else’s. Obviously, some people are aware of that, but this is primarily for the benefit of those that may not.

Please be patient — your wallet is trying to stake, and it will do in time, just like other wallets have managed to do… This is all perfectly normal, has already been asked countless times, and is also mentioned in the FAQs… If you do have a question about it, feel free to ask in this the BUZZ #support channel, and ALWAYS check the website FAQs first!

Official Reason For Multiple Sendings

The community development team that initiated the first 3.0 fork did not properly implement the development fund function. Due to not so thorough code review procedures of the previous community development team, this bug slipped through which enabled multiple sendings of the fee to the development fund. It was truly hard to spot as even the testnet testing of this functionality is very difficult to replicate the current state of the BUZZ blockchain, with over 950,000 blocks already mined.

Luckily, we have estimated that this bug affects a very small portion of our #buzzfam, amounting to no more than 3%. Regardless, the BUZZ Core team is working full force to properly investigate this bug, ensure that it is fixed and to properly handle all reimbursements.

Most importantly to know, these development fee transactions only occur on STAKES RECEIVED, and do not touch any BUZZ you had previously in your wallet. Due to the bug, there is a possibility that it could charge you higher than the amount you staked, but regardless we will make sure you are refunded for all funds removed improperly.

We have created a mutli-step process to get your proper reimbursement, that should take no more than 10 minutes to complete.

Steps for Proper Reimbursement

NOTE: Reimbursements will only be accepted on transfers that occurred before February 11th, 2018, as we have resolved this issue with the v3.1.1 update, released February 4th, 2018. Applications are open until the end of 2nd of March, 2018.

This guide is slightly technical, but we will lay out all of the steps for you easily so that you can simply and surely receive a proper refund.

This is an example of the multiple funds being transferred to the development fund address. If you are experiencing multiple ORPHANS and not multiple TRANSACTIONS to the developer fund, please disregard this guide and read the FAQ item about Orphans here.

Please follow this guide step by step and NEVER give out your private key, they are the ultimate security backup of your coins and if you give this out, they are as good as gone.

1. Create a folder with your Discord Username on your desktop

This folder will be used to gather all information since the 950k fork

for example, azurikai#1383. This username can be found by clicking the settings icon near your microphone and headphone options. A settings window with your profile photo and your username and number will appear.

Take this username, for example “azurikai#1383”, and create a new folder on your desktop. This folder will be used to collect all related data for the remainder of this reimbursement guide.

make the name of the folder as the following example, “azurikai#1383”

2. Create screenshot(s) of your Coin Inputs

Your coin inputs can be accessed via the Coin Control menu available when you click the Send option on the sidebar. Click the button that says Inputs and select the radio button that says “List Mode”.

Once you have done this, please take a screenshot of all the inputs you have. If your inputs list is scrollable, please make sure to include these that are not in view.

Inside of your username folder that you have created, please create a sub directory called “coin-control” and insert the screenshots you have taken there.

3. Create a transactions export

After having created the coin control screenshots, please navigate to the Transactions tab, and do an export of your transactions into a csv format.

Please save this file as “transactions.csv” and place it into your username folder.

4. Get All BUZZ Addresses

This step is a little more complex than the previous ones, but please patiently follow the steps outlined to complete it.

First, lock your wallet and then unlock with the For Staking Only box unchecked, as shown below.

Second, open the Debug Console view.

Once open, type in the following commands for your respective operating system!

a. If you are on a WINDOWS COMPUTER, try one of the following…

dumpwallet C:/wallet.txt
dumpwallet /wallet.txt
dumpwallet wallet.txt

This wallet.txt file will either be located in your BUZZ Bootstrap Folder (available via tools section), on your Desktop, or in the same folder where your buzzcoin-qt.exe is located.

b. If you are on a MAC (OS X)

dumpwallet /Users/Shared/wallet.txt

Open this file with the Notepad++ application on Windows, or a text editor of your choice on Mac (Visual Studio Code is recommended).

VERY IMPORTANT, delete the data ON EACH LINE BEFORE THE DATE. This part includes your private keys, which should be saved for personal backup use, but NEVER to be shared with ANYONE. If you share these, you practically are giving away your funds!

If you are a tech savvy user, you can use regular expressions to quickly delete the private keys. If this method does not work, please simply delete them manually. This can be achieved with instructions below for Notepad++.

On Notepad++, click Search and Replace. Check the “Regular Expression” Box and insert the following WITHOUT quotations. This INCLUDES the trailing whitespace after {52}.

“[a-zA-Z0–9]{52} ”

into the first box, and nothing in the replace box.

Once the private keys have been deleted (please make sure your addresses are still there so that we can verify fund transfers), place this wallets.txt file in the username folder.

5. Create a .txt file with your primary BUZZ address

Using notepad, please copy and paste the primary BUZZ address which you would like to have your reimbursement sent to. Save this file with your main address into the username folder as MAIN.txt

Submitting your Reimbursement Request

Please take all of the files that you have placed into the username folder compress this folder. The output should be similar to “”, but with your username and number instead.

To compress, use the screenshots below for reference.

windows and os x compression methods.

Once compressed, please submit it to this Google Form.

Once received, you will be immediately put into the processing queue as we attempt to solve these issues. Thank you for your patience and support! We look forward to making sure we can all maximise our investment in BUZZ so that we can enjoy the success that is to come in 2018!