BuzzShow Attending 2018 CIBTC Blockchain International Congress 2018 in Andorra

From 5th to 6th October 2018, the BuzzShow team will be in Andorra, the location of the 2018 CIBTC Blockchain Congress. The event will be held at La Sala La Vall of the Hotel Roc Blanc in Andorra. Attending will be large national and international companies related to the Blockchain technology, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence space.

Boasting 15 speakers including BuzzShow founder, Offer Kohen,discussions will focus on Blockchain technology and its different applications in the financial and digital industry. A panel of experts will also discuss different issues related to the adaptability of these technologies.

Furthermore, several activities and courses are scheduled for Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies as well as Development with Ethereum. A workshop on Robotics and security aspects to be considered in cryptocurrencies and investment will also hold.

Sponsors and Collaborators

BuzzShow will feature as one of the Gold sponsors of the event providing an opportunity to share the project with a large audience of potential investors. A list of other collaborators includes OnGranada, Destinia, Renfe, Weevento, Danish Hispanic Chamber and Hotels Roc Blanc.

Digital media partners for the event:

Bitcoin Territory, Motril Digital, WikiTechNews, Woman Tech, Bitcoiner Today, EspacioBit, Bitcoin Newspaper and Bitcoin Mexico (for Latin America). Television through TeleMotril and RTVA. The podcasts of Invemania, Cultura Emprende and Bitcoin Territory.

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