IPFS-InterPlanetary File System: WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW

InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) is not yet a well-known technology, even among many technology enthusiasts, but it’s rapidly spreading through word of mouth among people in the open source community. Many are excited about their potential to improve file transfer and internet transmission rates significantly.

IPFS eliminates the need for sites to have a central source server, so it’s probably our best chance to redesign the internet entirely. IPFS is a new hypermedia peer-to-peer protocol that aims to integrate, or even replace, the hypertext transfer protocol that governs the web now.

IPFS: The Way Forward

The InterPlanetary file system is a point-to-point distributed file system that tries to connect all the computing devices to the same file system; IPFS seeks to improve HTTP in various ways. IPFS solves security issues affecting the HTTP-based Internet: content targeting and content signature protects IPFS-based sites, making DDoS attack impossible. To help mitigate the damage of disused sites, IPFS also archives essential content from public records and can easily file crucial contents of public records. It is expected that IPFS would help the internet grow in the system we have always wanted.

The last central improvement of IPFS is decentralized distribution, which allows access to internet contents, despite the occasional or even offline internet service. Websites and web applications do not have a central source server and can be distributed just like the Bitcoin network is distributed. Foremost Internet companies are already struggling to keep up with content demands, with armies of engineers from companies like Google and Amazon focusing on that one issue. In spite of this, BuzzShow Network is finding a way to integrate the InterPlanetary File System into its platform.

BuzzShow Network is one of the first social networking sites to adopt blockchain technology to provide a platform that privileges the interests of content creators, curators and viewers. The blockchain uses Goldies as a cryptocurrency that encourages the creation, exchange and viewing of videos on the platform.

Platform members not only earn as creators, but also earn when they share videos and watch videos. This is the first fully developed social video network that allows all stakeholders to contribute and make money on the platform.

Why InterPlanetary File Sharing?

BuzzShow intends to use IPFS (InterPlanetary File Sharing) in its future releases to ensure that the content is indeed decentralized. This allows files to be stored without relying on a centralized database as most video websites rely on. As a result, it is not susceptible to any DOS or ransom ware attacks because the videos will be held in multiple systems. The benefit is that it is faster, more open and safer than the centralized database-reliant methods of video streaming. This technology will be useful for BuzzShow because it allows the platform to be genuinely decentralized while saving bandwidth costs considerably.

How does BuzzShow intend to use InterPlanetary File Sharing?

BuzzShow will be using IPFS to avoid the use of a centralized control center for the videos. This ensures that the videos are stored in a truly decentralized manner. As a result, any connection problems in specific regions do not affect the rest of the files. The videos will also be subdivided into multiple parts that are duplicated to ensure that it can be retrieved even when there is a problem on the blockchain. The content created will always be secured.

In addition to improving the service, IPFS would help the Internet grow; in the system, we have always wanted to be the most idealistic. However, this cannot be converted into our current protocols: genuinely able to connect anyone in the world (even offline) to an ever-changing expression who we are and aspire to be. BuzzShow Network wants to be at the forefront of this revolutionary move by helping content creators, users and advertisers earn a living through a decentralized system that is made possible by IPFS.