10 Watson Workspace Industry Use Cases

We built a bunch of Buzzy apps TODAY that are integrated with IBM Watson Workspace.

While checking my IBM Watson Workspace and Twitter feeds earlier today, I noticed a couple of pics from @Aarti_Borkar of IBM outline a number of Industry Use Cases at the Social Connections conference in Philadelphia.

Then came the usual “Adam Crazy Idea” and chaos that followed…

Let’s create apps/demos for as many of these scenarios with Buzzy today, and let the folk at the Social Connections conference know, so they can ask the Kudos Suite team for a Buzzy demo… he he he :-)

So I briefed four of the team at around 10am this morning and we got cracking… so excuse any blunt edges, we built these as fast as we could.

Full disclosure: A couple of the scenarios did exist before… like the Shipping Demo, but the bulk of these we built today and highlight how fast and easy it to build apps with Buzzy that are integrated with IBM Watson Workspace.

IT/DevOps — Take 5 check list and workflow: An example showing how a tight integration between IBM Watson Workspace allows Watson to suggest relevant templates/apps for helping the team out and how the users can interact with important information without having to leave their conversation context (IBM Watson Workspace).

Security — Example of a purpose built application of tracking and resolving security threats in context of a conversation (IBM Watson Workspace) with customizable issue forms and workflow plus IBM X-Force feed integration.

Call Center & Customer Support — example of issue tracking and ability for Call Center and Customer Support team employees to track, discuss and resolve customer issues. Use of artificial intelligence to recognize conversations and generate queries to persistent/structured data stored within a Buzzy application, providing easier access to information for faster more informed decisions and improved customer satisfaction. The Buzzy application can be configured to integrate with external support systems, feeds, employee manuals and other important information. The system can easily be customized to provide simple workflows allowing level 1, 2 and 3 support teams to be involved, access historic issue data and progress the issues to a resolution.

Insurance — tracking and resolving compliance issues is tricky. This example looks at allowing experts to chat and easily query the status of issues, without having to be “techy”.

IBM Watson Workspace combined with Watson Assistant recognizes intents to find information and generates the queries to access the “intelligent” app in Buzzy. The Buzzy application can provide simple workflows to ensue the right experts are engaged to bring resolution to the issues.

Procurement — this example shows how Buzzy and IBM Watson Workspace can be used to coordinate shipments to customers, helping to ensure that operations staff go through the right process, have important information at their fingertips to make critical decisions, while remaining focused on keeping the customer happy.

Telecom — example of how a field service team can leverage Buzzy’s Offline First mobile apps to capture field data and work together as a team to resolve issues.

Human Resources — Connecting employees with wellness information ensures happy employees.

This example looks at connecting employees with information through conversations, either between themselves or directly with the HR team.

Through IBM Watson Workspace, Watson can detect interest in particular topics and direct the employee to that information (stored in Buzzy).

Employees can access the service anywhere — desktop or mobile… so while waiting for a bus or a doctors appointment employees can get access to this information.

Industrial — Here’s another example of an Occupational Health and Safety solution for tracking issues: provide checklists, track issues and use an Offline First mobile device to capture information.

Leveraging Watson Workspace to resolve issues, the Watson Workspace chat recognises important topics within the conversation and allows the user to query the status of issues (stored in Buzzy).

Finance — a quick example of how Watson Workspace and Buzzy can be used by a financial services organization’s Fraud Detection team to track and work fraud issues.

Thanks for watching… for more information please see http://www.buzzy.buzz/watsonworkspace.html and use the option to “Request a Meeting” or contact us for more info.

You can get all of these apps via the Buzzy app catalog … or via Watson Workspace… just add “Buzzy” to your space.

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