Announcing Buzzy v5.0

Dave Tanner
Jul 28, 2019 · 4 min read

It’s faster — lots faster — and introduces offline capability!

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We’re super-excited to introduce the new Buzzy v5 mobile app — it’s fast, shiny, and includes a stack of awesome new features!

What’s new?

Speed. Lots more speed. We’ve completely rebuilt the Buzzy app to address performance, loading and speed.

Offline capable. No connection? No problem — core Buzzy functionality such as viewing information, entering data and completing forms, and adding comments and attachments will work offline now (for any Buzzes visited with a connection after upgrading).

So if you’re down a mine-shaft, in a remote or rural location, or simply in a shopping centre with poor data coverage, you can carry on using Buzzy.

Passwordless login. Tired of remembering passwords? We are too. You can now login to Buzzy using passwordless login tokens — all you need is your email address. Of course, if you want to continue using a password you can do that too.

Best of all? It’s still free. We’d really like for you to switch to the new version of Buzzy — so Buzzy remains free to use for end-users.

How do I update my app?

If you already have Buzzy installed, simply follow the prompts when your device informs you of available app updates. You can also go directly to the app stores to get the new version immediately:

For iOS (iPhones and iPads):

For Android:

Trouble upgrading?

We’re confident upgrading to buzzy v5 will be a simple and trouble-free process for pretty much everyone, but just in case, here’s some possible questions:

It’s logged me out!

You may need to login again after updating. With the new passwordless login, all you’ll need to remember is the email address you signed up to Buzzy with — enter your email address, click ‘Send Login Token’, then check your email inbox for the login token. Click on the link in the login token email and the Buzzy app will open and log you in automatically. Easy!

Screenshots showing the login process
Screenshots showing the login process
All you need for Passwordless login is your email address

Can I still log in using my Google, FaceBook or Hotmail credentials?

Not directly — simply enter the same email address you used for that service to send yourself a passwordless login token. Go to your email, click the login token and you’re in.

But I really can’t log in again!

If you really can’t log in you may need to uninstall the existing app and reinstall the new one from the app store ( / ). Tip: make sure you’re using the same email address you originally signed up with!

I don’t see all my Buzzes! What gives?

Make sure you’re logging in with the same email address you used previously! Tip: If you got an email from Buzzy advising you about this new update, chances are that’s the email address you should log in with.

I use Buzzy in a browser — will this work offline?

Nope. Using Buzzy in any web browser (whether on your device or on a laptop/desktop computer) will work exactly as before and still requires a data connection. It’s only the new Buzzy v5 native apps for iOS or Android that will work offline.

How do I edit or author a Buzz or microapp?

Authoring a Buzz still requires a data connection, so we’ve made parts of the previous app available inside the new app as a ‘Buzzy Classic’ view. While in a Buzz you have editing permissions on, press the ‘Options’ button (the 3-dot icon at top right), then press the ‘Edit’ option. Your Buzz will open in a Buzzy Classic view and you can edit it as before. Once you’re done, simply close the Classic view by clicking the ‘x’ icon at the top left.

Screenshots showing a Buzz being toggled to edit mode
Screenshots showing a Buzz being toggled to edit mode
Switch a Buzz to Classic Mode by going to the Options panel

I miss the old version, can I switch back?

Yes! If you need to do a bunch of creating/editing stuff on mobile — or simply prefer the old version — you can the toggle the entire app to use Buzzy Classic mode. However, Buzzy Classic mode requires a data connection and will not work while offline.

To switch to Classic mode, simply open the navigation drawer on your app home screen and press the ‘Use Buzzy Classic?’ button.

Image showing the navigation drawer icon and the Buzzy Classic toggle button
Image showing the navigation drawer icon and the Buzzy Classic toggle button
Use the Buzzy Classic toggle in the navigation drawer to switch the default view

Alternatively, you can also continue to do everything as before in the … but we’d be really happy if you tried Buzzy v5 :)

Need more help? Check out our , check the , or get in .

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