Getting started with IBM Watson Workspace & Buzzy

In just a few minutes YOU will have an IBM Watson Workspace Space and Buzzy doing some amazing things.


IBM Watson Workspace is a team conversation tool (kinda like Slack on steroids)… from the IBM website:

Get to better outcomes, faster, with the power of AI integrated into every interaction

Watson Workspace can do some amazing things, with the help of IBM Watson Assistant, to recognize what’s happening in the conversation and start to suggest things that may help the users access information to make decisions faster and more accurately.

Buzzy is an intelligent instant app platform, that allows users to create intelligent apps from templates instantly: seconds to minutes.

Buzzy apps could be anything: from making it easier to coordinate a group travel expedition, to sales team field reporting or managing a sports team; or you can just create your own custom app from scratch. Click here to see what some of Buzzy’s customers are doing and be sure to have a look at the examples of the out of the box templates too and other blog articles.

Why would I want to have IBM Watson Workspace and Buzzy working together?

It just makes things better: having this killer combo of intelligent, AI-bolstered conversation (Watson Workspace’s forte) combined with persistent/important data, workflow and processes (Buzzy’s forte) takes everything to the next level.

In other words:

Watson Workspace handles the conversation and bringing everyone together
Watson Assistant (behind the scenes) understands what’s being said and connects the users with data and processes just-in-time during the conversation
Buzzy handles the persistent data and processes, and makes it available to Watson Workspace, when asked for, so it does not get lost in the conversation

The result: better, more informed conversations, backed by business process and information at a user’s fingertips, to make better decisions faster!

And yes, it works wherever: desktop or mobile. Buzzy even works offline!

Best of all, you can get started in minutes (and for free!)- just watch this demo on how to get started…

For more info on the killer combo:

Buzzy please see and Watson Workspace

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