I’m amped!!! The most exciting work thing I have done in ages…

Using AI to suggest and deploy apps, blend apps and conversations, and provide help when needed.

Sorry about the scary photo… but I really am “AMPED!!!”

Ok, so what’s got me amped?

In the past we’ve covered how you create intelligent instant apps, in minutes, to help improve the way people interact online. We’ve even looked at how we can use AI technology to do things like adding intelligent bots that can help make it easier to complete forms with Speech-to-Field… all super cool… but there’s still a couple of opportunities:

  1. How do you make people aware of specific apps that could help out in particular situations?
  2. Can we make it even easier to interact with the apps content/functionality with just-in-time-suggestions, even if users are in mid-conversation?

Suggesting Apps based on conversation

A lot of the time, users don’t even know an app exists that could help improve things.

What if a team of people are using a team conversation tool, like IBM Watson Workspace, and we could use AI to recognize what users are trying to achieve and suggest an answer, mid conversation, to help out?

Scary, cool, wow, check out this example…

Using Apps from within conversations

One of the things we’ve also noticed is this tussle between conversation and app.

For example, someone in the conversation asks a question that can be answered by either a person or data stored in an app. Why didn’t they just go to the app to get the answer? Perhaps they didn’t know about it, perhaps laziness, or perhaps easier to just ask someone… who knows?

We’ve seen tools like Slack introduce a fairly geeky approach, the “Slash Command”, to allow users to interact with apps mid conversation.

I’d say most users out there don’t know what a slash command is, or if there was one for their specific query. But what if we could automagically recognize that a specific command may help users mid conversation... with IBM Watson Workspace and Buzzy you can…

That’s so cool, AI realized that the information being discussed/looked for was actually already available (in an app) and you did not have to know how to write a slash command to get it…even cooler.

So AI is making powerful functionality like slash commands available to everyone.

Creating your own custom actions

Now that we’ve demystified slash commands with the help of AI, we’ve made it incredibly easy to create your own slash commands (actions) with a few clicks…

OK, so maybe now you see why I’m so excited by this? The ability to start to infuse and suggest smart applications in the context of a conversation, allowing apps to be more pervasive, is INSANE.

In summary:

  1. we use AI to make any user aware of apps that could help, based on the conversation they’re having
  2. blending conversation and apps allows users to interact in the easiest way possible… so apps enhance the conversation
  3. it’s extensible — add new actions, connect with other AI (Watson Conversation Agents) that can add additional intelligence and insights

Buzzy’s core platform allowing Intelligent Instant Apps to be created in minutes, when combined with IBM Watson Workspace creates a foundation to engage users blending app and conversation, ultimately benefiting users and businesses to be more agile, informed and responsive.

Try it out for FREE just add Buzzy to your Watson Workspace app http://www.buzzy.buzz/watsonworkspace.html

Try IBM Watson Workspace for free here

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