Save Time — Using AI to create an Intelligent Support Ticket app

Using IBM Watson Workspace and Watson Assistant to allow a team to converse and create INTELLIGENT apps on the fly.

It’s been a long day at a number of customer meetings. It’s 6pm, you’re in the airport, waiting for a flight home. You open your phone and go to the group chat used by you and your colleagues, and start typing: “Help, any suggestions to better track these customer support tickets?” You don’t expect an answer as it’s pretty late and most of the team will be on their way home too. “Ping” — you get a response back, showing you a couple of apps; you can “preview” them or create a support tracking app, right from the chat. Who was that who responded so quickly? Mmmm Watson, I presume???

You preview the app; wow, that’s spot on - you click “create”- and it’s done!!!

You can now do a better job of tracking customer queries/issues.

Wait it gets better… after a week of using it with the team, you’ve been amazed…you send a note to Mary: “Hey, what’s the latest status on issue ID1234?” or “What info do you have on Customer Acme?”… presto Watson replies.

You can also preview all the support tickets, check out some reports, sort them, download to CSV/Excel and even add in a simple workflow, so nothing slips through the gaps. Life just got better for the team… and your customers.

Visions of the Future? Nah… you can do this right now with IBM Watson Workspace & Buzzy. Check this demo out:

Get started here IBM Watson Workspace and

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