Public Chain Technology Alliance Meetup In Korea Is A Success!

On January 26th, the Public Chain Technology Alliance (PCTA) meetup was successfully held in Gyeonggi-do, South Korea. Many Chinese and Korean projects took part in this event, such as Nebulas, DACC, Kaiser, Fleta, Stom, and Deloitte Korea Blockchain.

This meetup is the first stop of the PCTA overseas exchange program, which is to encourage collaboration and partnership between public chain projects.

At the event, our PCTA representative gives a detailed introduction about the alliance and provides the latest update to the Korean community, which is very well received. PCTA aims to play a bridging role to connect blockchain projects and communities between China and South Korea, promote technological exchange, and achieve common development goals.

The event has a special panel discussion to cover some of the hot topics that concern both Chinese and Korean blockchain communities. Kaiser, FLETA and Nebulas, DACC all share their views on the public chain projects in China and South Korea. Chinese projects such as Nebulas and DACC have always paid great attention to the Korean community. Kaiser, Fleta, etc. also showed strong interest in good public chain projects from China. Deloitte Korea blockchain Consultant Jaewon Kim believes that the reasons why Chinese blockchain projects are not very popular in Korea yet are because, firstly, there is a language barrier. Besides a few projects such as Nebulas, there is almost no Korean language support. Secondly, the marketing effort of Chinese projects in Korea, both online and offline, is insufficient.

The panelists also introduce their projects current development and share the lessons they have learned from building public chains. Everyone in this bear market begins to seek cash flow and explore new business model. Is there a business model in the public chain? DACC founder SKY says: public chain definitely needs a business model, and the public chain startups need to work together in this bear market. In 2019, DACC will also seek technology adoption with the PCTA. Nebulas co-founder Aero Wang believes that in the current market condition, public chain projects should find breakthroughs in their development because if they do not seize the opportunity in a down market and push their technology research and development, then they might miss the booming in the next market recovery. During the crypto winter, Kaiser Wallet CEO Jun In-Young also believes that it is a necessary painful process to reach the new market, but it can be overcome by consistent development of new technologies. When it comes to the ecosystem of public chain, Fleta CEO Paul Park believes that there is competition between different public chains, but more resources should be shared, in order to grow the entire ecosystem.

There are many insightful ideas exchanged between the panelists and everyone in the audience feels inspired and highly engaged. They agree that through this meetup, there is a deeper mutual understanding of the public chain projects both in China and Korea, and new channels of communication between these projects will be established, opening doors for further collaboration and partnerships.

This meetup is organized by the Public Chain Technology Alliance (PCTA). It is the first time PTCA hosts an exchange program in Korea. As a communication event between Chinese and Korean public chain projects, this meetup will be widely reported by the blockchain media in both countries. The PCTA representative reveals the reason PCTA chooses Korea as its first visiting overseas is because of the capability and potential in Korean blockchain industry. Since this meetup was very successful and well received by the participants, PCTA will further explore other exchange program overseas in the future.

The Public Chain Technology Alliance (PCTA) was launched in October 2018 by “Bitsclub Vision Program” to mitigate vicious competition between isolated public chain projects, and create win-win opportunities for them. Up to now, there are 38 members in PCTA, including projects that develop public chains, wallets, exchanges, as well as venture capital, blockchain media and community organizations. It covers all relevant fields in the blockchain space, forming a wholesome ecosystem. Since its inception, PCTA has grown steadily. A few online and offline events have been organized effectively to address some burning questions regarding public chain development. Under the alliance framework, the members have started pragmatic and efficient collaborations.

If you have any questions, please contact us:, or visit our official website.


PCTA is initiated by the Bitsclub Vision Program (BVP).

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