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Initial project document

This document will serve as a project document for the the 2023 Badwater race. NOTE: Application deadlioen for the 2023 race is in January 25th 2023 17:00 (local time), but planing for a potential attendance must start now. BUT; even if I have all the requirements to be selected; I am not sure if I will be selected or not.

Application process

Between January 9th and 500pm, Pacific Time, January 25th, 2023, applicants must complete the online Race Application Form.

On February 4 Badwater will announce the race field live on stage at RunShow USA in Boston and also via Facebook Live video on the Badwater page on Facebook . Athletes who are confirmed to compete on February 4 will have their credit cards charged that day for the full entry fee amount. Each invited applicant will be emailed the Entrant Contract, Waiver, and optional Charitable Donation Form.

Race date:

July 4–6, 2023

Race Entry Fee:

The Badwater 135 entry fee is $1595 (=NOK 15 904)

Heat acclimation:

Travel down to Las Vegas two weeks prior to the run. Stay in Las Vegas for a few days, and then travel to Lost Pine for the last two weeks. Here; run three 10- 15 minutes run every day till race day.


Following personal have indicated interrest (no final decision have been made):

NOTE: Each racer must be accompanied by a support crew comprised of no more than one four-wheeled motor vehicle and at least two and no more than four crew members — at least two of whom are legally licensed to drive and at least one of whom can speak English — at all times. Race entrants may have no more than one support vehicle and no more than four crew members in total on the race course.

  • Andreas Gossner (have experience with BW135 support) → Role: Crew Chief / pacer
  • Sondre Amdahl (coach) → Role: Crew / pacer
  • Kristine Jahren (Stavanger Idrettsklinikk) → Role: Medical professional / pacer
  • Hans Kristina Smedsrød (N.E.D.A podcast) → Role: Crew / pacer / Media contact
  • Thomas Stordalen (backup?)

Very important with crew chemistry. To be discussed.


Race entry fee: NOK 16.000

Flight tickets crew (4 person): NOK 50.000

Flight tickets Simen / kids: NOK 30.000

Hotel crew: NOK 40.000

Hotel Simen/kids: NOK 30.000

Hire car: NOK 15.000

Equipment / gear: NOK 10.000

Food crew/racer: NOK 10.000

→ Total: ca. NOK 200.000

Covid / vaccination requirements:

To be discussed. Could potentially be an issue.


Planing to bring my kids over and ask my family in Chicago to come down and help out. Maybe they only should join after race.

Next steps:

  • Meeting with Ivan Penalba Lopez next week to get his lessons learnt from his 2022 Badwater 2nd place finisher.
  • Discuss with xxx
  • Start funding


Some unstructured comments and notes:

  • Do training in Duabi or other places with similar heat
  • Before race, stay at least two weeks in Lost Pine and do several runs per day (min 15 minutes)
  • Use compression or other protection at legs to protect against heat from the ground when running
  • Have three big boxes and fill with ice. One box for water, one for other drinks and one for food
  • Bring ice pick or hammer for smashing the ice
  • Laser sword. It is very hard, for the runner, to differentiate the various support cars in the night. Support crew can use laser sword, or other special lightning, to indicate what is our car.
  • Create special buff for ice to be used around neck
  • Pacer, running from behind should have a spray flask with water and spray the runner
  • Crew should have four different roles; 1.) driver, 2.) sleeper, 3) pacer and 4) support. These roles should be alternated every fourth hour or so
  • Car. Make sure to have a van with sliding doors
  • Fill up with ice in Lost Pine. From Lost Pine it is about 3 hours driving to the start
  • Bring a drying wire or something that can be used to dry the clothes
  • Crew must also do heat training
  • Crew must also remember to eat
  • Crew chief must keep a record of what the runner has eaten
  • Crew must stop and assist runner every 3rd kilometres
  • At start of race, make sure that the trip counter in car is set to zero
  • In 2022, temperature was recorded to be 52 degree Celsius at night.
  • Have to bandana filed with ice for neck. One in us and the other one in the ice box ready to be changed.
  • After crew has supported runner, wait till the runner starts running and observe that everything is OK
  • Have two set of clothes. One for night and one for day.
  • Run at the left side of the road
  • Crew only gets one race BIB. This needs to be shared for crew when in “pacer” role
  • Pacers are only allowed to run on the side or behind the runner. Not allowed to run before the runner.
  • Pacers are allowed to carry any items for runner
  • At 2022 race, they had 55 degrees Celsius at day 2



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