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Anca Chirila
Bware Labs
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3 min readJan 26, 2022


Every blockchain is built on a foundation of infrastructure. A decentralized validator set is built on high-quality nodes. These are the foundations upon which developers and delegators build. And this is what we aim to offer, here at Bware Labs. deBridge realized early on in their development that we share much of the same philosophy, centered on multi-chain support, and that a partnership between our two companies would not only make a lot of sense, but it would be something that both parties could benefit from.

It wasn’t long from this realization to formalizing the collaboration, by having Bware Labs become one of the early investors in deBridge. Since then, we have worked closely with the team at deBridge, and we expanded our support to a more hands-on approach. Leveraging our experience with blockchain infrastructure, we have contributed to their testnet phase by hosting a validator. Now that they are ready for their mainnet launch in the near future, we are also one of the validators there.

Given their particular architecture that enables secure and highly reliable cross-chain transfers, hosting validators on deBridge is no easy feat. Networks of nodes were built to ensure that each of their current supported chains: Polygon, BSC, Heco, Arbitrum and Ethereum can use high-performing and highly available endpoints. We are very glad that we were able to lend our expertise around top-tier blockchain endpoints and facilitate a fast and reliable ecosystem for our partners.

Flavian Manea, our CEO, is very hopeful of this collaboration: “We look forward to a long and prosperous future with deBridge, supporting their mission-critical infrastructure and delivering value for the community. deBridge is one of the fastest-growing cross-chain enablers in the market with a truly impressive growing volume of transactions as seen from successful testnet performance especially in the DeFi space. We hope to accelerate global adoption of the deBridge network and DeFi services, as well as scale both of our growing ecosystems together.”

The sentiment is shared by Alexander Ghahremany, COO at deBridge: “We’re excited that Bware Labs will support deBridge to help ensure that the protocol operates in a secure and stable way. We’re also intrigued to explore additional collaboration opportunities with Bware Labs moving forward like in the field of cross-chain liquidity and to work together to significantly accelerate the growth of the deBridge ecosystem.”

Look out for this collaboration, as it will surely yield more results soon!

About deBridge

deBridge is a cross-chain interoperability and liquidity transfer protocol that allows decentralized transfer of assets between various blockchains. deBridge protocol is an infrastructure platform and hooking service for:

  • Cross-chain composability of smart contracts
  • Cross-chain swaps
  • Bridging of any arbitrary asset and data
  • Interoperability and bridging of NFTs

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