BWP Group out in the cold

As the winter chill sets in, we reach for the thermostat in a bid to keep warm. But can you imagine facing the long cold nights without shelter; with no safe home, let alone any heating?

That’s the horrible reality facing hundreds of thousands of people every night in the UK. In just three weeks’ time, a plucky team from BWP Group, including CEO Richard Beasley, will be joining them, choosing to spend a night sleeping rough to raise awareness of their plight — and much-needed cash to help ease their suffering.

The Big Sleepout 2016 will see hundreds of volunteers spend the night in the cold. The event last year raised £165,000 and helped Trinity Homeless Projects, which works with BWP Group’s chosen charity Slough Homeless Our Concern, to house 250 people and provide 27,000 meals. But there’s so much more to be done; this year we’re aiming to raise £200,000 together to help even more vulnerable people.

That’s where you come in. Tonight, hundreds of thousands of people in the UK will be sleeping rough because they have no choice. Please help us to help them by sponsoring us by clicking here!

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