Integrated Campaigns: Integration Nation

In a saturated media landscape, the face of PR is changing rapidly. It is not what it was five years ago, and in the next five years it will change again completely. As a result, agencies need to offer their brands more than just traditional bread- and-butter PR.

Integrated, strategic PR is vital when it comes to providing relevant, pervasive exposure across all disciplines.

But while many agencies and brands talk about it, very few practise it in reality. For too long, PR has been thought of as a bolt-on to a marketing strategy. Now the tables have turned and PR agencies are able to create integrated campaigns that go well beyond the remit of a coverage-focused press office.

Digital and social media have changed the landscape irrevocably; a story that breaks on Twitter will be old news by the time the morning papers come out. As PR practitioners, that’s something we’ve had to adapt to.

But it’s not just the media that’s changed — so has the way brands behave.

One significant development is the increasingly direct relationship between brands and consumers. We expect responses in minutes if we tweet a brand with a problem. We expect them to provide ‘Friday fodder’ animations to get the office laughing. Brands have become publishers, cutting out the middle man and interacting with consumers directly. Experiential stunts mean that consumers get to experience the brand on a personal level while vicariously absorbing its values.

Once, PR’s focus was on achieving high-profile, positive press coverage. These days, a printed article about your client is desirable but by no means the final result.

Integration enables us to provide brands with exposure beyond print. It also means that PR is content-led and consumer-driven.

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