Introducing Connor!

Hello. I’m a public relations student from Bournemouth University, and I’m spending my placement year with BWP Group.

Throughout the past year, I approached (and was rejected by) a lot of different companies for my placement. But when I first visited the BWP office for my interview, something felt right. Maybe because I was in a room with carpet made of grass. Thankfully, I was offered a place and so the next month or so was spent frantically looking for a place to live.

One reason I may have been hired is because of my twitter CV (, on the train journey before my interview I followed as many groupies as I could find, hoping to make some sort of impression. I guess I did ????

I guess I was drawn to PR because it encompasses things that I find interesting: writing, people, media and creativity. And social media is just the channel I understand more than any other because it plays a bigger role in my life than any other media channel.

A lot of the other newby blog posts have talked about past work experience, but as a student, this is essentially my first experience of ‘the real world’. My first couple of weeks have been really fun, and I can’t wait to see what the next year has in store for me.

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