Minimal maxims

When asked to ‘illustrate’ a series of phrases for the launch of the BWP website I knew straight away I wanted to use the form of the pictograph (aka pictogram/ideogram).

I was interested in exploring how to distill and filter the statements down to their graphical essence and then to interpret this using a simplistic and geometric vector and line approach.

Retaining an expressive and narrative quality would be a challenge whilst also ensuring the ‘tiles’ remained interesting and engaging so that they could withstand a bit of scrutiny and investigation.

After selecting which maxims to depict I set about scamping. I still find it quicker and more enjoyable to explore my thoughts the old-school way. Gradually a system began to reveal itself and emerge from the lines, marks, notes and reworkings.


Time to swap pen for pixel and page for platform. I fired up Illustrator and set about transferring my roughs from paper to screen. This is where the ‘fun’ really starts and you begin to fully appreciate the self-imposed task at hand. But there is such huge satisfaction to be earned from moulding the mathematical and embracing the apparently constraining in the attempt to produce something pleasing to they eye. I like to think that the end justified the effort.

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