The Evolution of Retail Marketing

No one can deny the marketing landscape has changed irrecoverably over the past ten years, not only for the marketer, but the consumer too.

The evolution in retail marketing specifically has meant that the relationship between a brand and consumer has changed from one-dimensional “push” advertising to an omni-channel collaborative experience. The experience and expectations of the consumer in today’s market goes far beyond the realms of traditional marketing channels.

Customers do not separate the experience they have in a store to one that they have online.

Consumers no longer differentiate marketing from the product, because ultimately, they’re the same thing. Marketing is so intertwined with the brand that as marketers we have to understand that consumers treat the two as one.

The business is its product and its marketing. The evolution of retail marketing has started with the explosion of social media. The term ‘engagement’ was not even a concept on many marketer’s radar’s as little as five years ago.

Creating a hashtag to accompany above-the-line creative is considered standard industry practice these days.

Many customers will contact a brand by Twitter or other social outlets before they would walk into store or call a phoneline if they had a problem.

How a brand projects itself through its social media channels is often the first interaction a consumer has; and it’s so important that a brand gets its communications right. You really do only get one chance to make a first impression.

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