Unprecedented change = extraordinary opportunity

Billions of connected individuals can now actively participate in innovation, wealth creation, and social development in ways we once only dreamed of.*

Source: *Wikinomics: How Mass Collaboration Changes Everything

At BWP Enthuse, we’re optimistic about the path that lies ahead. We’re enthused by the possibility of creating a better future. The digital shift has ushered in an age of limitless possibilities. It’s an exciting time. New frontiers. New worlds to discover. We’re inspired by the opportunity this presents to society, to business, and to the upcoming generation.

An opportunity… to contribute! Communication and the sharing of information has become participative. Individuals are no longer passive receivers of information where content is broadcast to (or at) them or read off the page. In this new world, communication is reciprocal, as individuals and groups are networked together and empowered in a myriad of ways using a myriad of tools.

An opportunity… to see the world in new dimensions! The digital world is a highly versatile environment bringing together audio, video, text and image. The internet and the world of the web is a place to listen, watch, read and view as well as a place to produce, create, write and showcase.

An opportunity… to level the playing field! The cost of transmission & reproduction have been lowered, making scarce resources abundant and rival goods non rival. This fundamentally lowers barriers to entry and empowers people like never before.

An opportunity… to harness the power of the collective! The internet is a vast ocean of recorded or ‘saved’ information. This makes information persistent as it can, be archived, searched and retrieved in easy and accessible ways. ‘Google’ has become a verb. We take for granted the sheer wealth of information that can be searched for, mined and utilised.

An opportunity… to reach people! The web does not subscribe to a ‘one size fits all’ approach. It is highly personalised. Take advertising, which has been transformed. Distinct messages are now tailored to individual preference and niche groups — using complex algorithms, social graphs, real time targeting and personal preferences. Individuals can also customise their own experience on the web with tools, filters and preference settings. All this leads to a much more personable environment for communication and the sharing of information. The web is bridging the gap between time zones, languages, distance and cultures.

An opportunity… to scale! The digital age also offers scale. Small businesses can scale up rapidly using software as a service and cloud computing, and have the opportunity to access markets that were once unimaginable or even possible. Individuals via social media have more followers than some small countries have residents. The internet has the potential to scale both infrastructure and influence. It is a world where small contributions can lead to transformative network effects and small investments can generate big returns.

Opportunity knocks… ready?

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