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The Brand Experience Podcast, hosted by Benjamin Warsinske makes its debut today on 2 May 2017. Going forward, new episodes will be available every Tuesday at 10 am CST.

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The Brand Experience Podcast is live! This podcast will deliver in-depth training on actionable strategies for an unshakable brand you can implement right away.

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Why I Created the Brand Experience Podcast

I’ve dreamt about it for years. I’ve spent countless hours developing plans, brainstorming, recording, going through iteration after iteration to create a podcast that I can be proud of. One that will I can grow with and help shape the future of BrandedWorld while delivering value to you, the listener.

I’ve been a huge fan of podcasts for the past several years. I have several favorites, which I’ve written about before and which I’ll be writing about more in the future. When I set out to create this podcast, my focus was on the brand experience the listener would have. Because of this, I developed specific criteria for each podcast episode to ensure that I would deliver the most value to my listeners. While these criteria may evolve in the future, they are the baseline for the creation of the podcast:

  • Podcast episodes to be approximately 20 minutes in length
  • Each podcast episode would have a bonus that can be downloaded to
     extend the learning and apply the strategies discussed
  • Each episode must deliver actionable strategies that could be
     implemented/adapted into a listener’s brand
  • Each topic should be tied back to the brand experience

Podcast Episodes to be Approximately 20 Minutes in Length

After listening to hundreds of podcast episodes, it became apparent that the ideal length is approximately 20 minutes. This is long enough to hold a listener’s attention, deliver great value, and not take up too much time.

Each Episode Would have a Bonus that can be Downloaded to Extend Learning

I love podcasts that deliver awesome training and insights. The podcasts that stand out to me are the ones that go the extra mile and offer free downloads to extend learning, add value, and allow the listener to take action on what they just heard.

When I set out to create the Brand Experience Podcast, having bonus content available to download was one of my top criteria. With each episode, you can download bonus content, available to ToolKit members in the dashboard.

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Each Episode Must Deliver Actionable Strategies That Can Be Implemented

I love listening to podcasts of all varieties. For certain types of podcasts, such as ones that involve business strategy and training, I want to be able to come away from the episode with something tangible that I can implement in my own business. So, along with providing bonus content, a tangible PDF download, I’ve made it a goal to deliver action-packed strategies that you can take advantage of to build your unshakable brand.

Each Topic Should be Tied Back to the Brand Experience

I love to research a wide variety of topics that relate back to developing a memorable and scalable brand experience for the customer. This podcast will explore wide-ranging topics from the brand experience perspective. Look for guests from all walks of life all over the world in all different industries as we discuss the brand experience.

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