Shoo Distractions!

Note: If your heart is anchored in love and truth, it’s harder to be swayed in compromising positions. Get your heart and mind in the right place so that when distractions and unforeseen circumstances arise, you are aware and know where you stand.

I have to take my own advice, continuously.

I’ve been drifting lately. And it doesn’t mean that I’ve been all over the place. It’s just that I’ve allowed myself to be temporarily distracted.

Sometimes a distraction can be an indication that you aren’t as dedicated as you think. Or it can welcome a much needed break from hammering away at your goals.

For me, however, it’s been both beautiful yet detrimental.

I haven’t approached my work with the same level of focus that I had previously. I say this with awareness now, but I’m not sure if I’m fully back yet. I need time to really reflect and resolve within.

Distractions are abound.

Get your heart and mind right, and it will be easier to spot them. Know when you’re welcoming them. Know when they’re disengaging you.

Easy enough right?

— Brandon

Originally published at on July 8, 2015.