Darren Rovell putting in work on Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl 50: How I Ran My Twitter Feed

Most of you know that I’m heavily invested in social media — particularly Twitter. With the Super Bowl being the biggest day of the year on the platform, I spend a tremendous amount of time getting ready for the day.

I tweeted 171 times on Super Bowl Sunday, but at any given time on that day, I had about 250 tweets ready to go that I prepared in the months, weeks and days before the game.

The Super Bowl, for me, presents a challenge: I often time my tweets during live sporting events to the instant the game goes to the commercial to avoid the noise associated with play-by-play and get the maximum impact. With the Super Bowl, the commercials matter, so I have to have a rough idea of what commercials are on and whether I should comment on them or send a drafted tweet. My metric? Comment on it if it’s horrific or great, send something else out if it’s middle of the road.

The challenge of the day is to stay relevant in the moment, like when Lady Gaga decides to extend the National Anthem affecting the over/under betting or when Peyton mentions Budweiser twice, and at the same time put out pre-planned content that is thought provoking.

The day went really well and I was humbled that social metric company Onalytica named me the #1 influencer on Super Bowl Sunday.

Last year, a friend asked me how I did so much on this day. With that in mind, I called my friend Jason Stein at Laundry Service and Cycle and we put together a look at my day.