10 Years in the making

Zeno Popovici
Jul 19, 2019 · 4 min read
Photo by Jeremy Thomas

How it all started

We were going through various names and designs until I stumbled onto “Graffino” due to a misheard name on a call with Marius.

Late 2009, after a lot of debates, sleepless nights and tinkering we went online:

October 2009 — WayBackMachine (The Internet Archive)

This is how our story started. And here we are … this is our “there and back again”.

What defines us

I think we always loved our first logo, because its warmth, its smooth lines and the sense of perfection it enshrined. With this iteration, we wanted to go back to that feeling, that essence that’s so quintessential to us. Marius helped us figure out who we really are, and how we changed along the way.

Going back to our roots.

We’ve gone back to our roots and it’s like we’re starting again. But this time, we’re shaped by our past experiences and knowledge. It’s time for us to bloom again.

The website mirrors our environment: the colors are a copy of our code editor color scheme, as is the beautiful Inconsolata Monotype font. The black and gold combine to create a luxurious look, that embodies the value that our work creates.

A lot of work went into the small details of the website, the custom calendar and small animations. All work in concert to represent who we’ve become.

Delightful small details — Calendar Interaction

What does it take to build a successful company?

What did work for us:

Coding our DNA

Your company has to have a vision, core values, and purpose. If you don’t have them you’re just like everybody else.

Building our dream team

Our team is our most valuable asset. Their failure is our failure, and their success is our success.

Create value

We analyze, build, measure and correct. If you cannot measure the impact of your project, then you’ve failed.

Your work has to create value for your customer. If it does, his business will grow and he will bring in more business for you. It’s that simple.

It’s been a hell of a ride till now, and I can’t wait for the next ten years. Lastly, I want to extend our gratitude to Constantin, Marius, and Nick, without them, we wouldn’t have made it. Thanks to our friends at NTT Data Romania and Agile Freaks for staying with us through rough times, and helping us grow.

Special mention to Andra Zaharia for perfecting our website copy, and to all of our clients and friends, that contributed to our success.


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