I Don’t Care About the President’s Morality

OK, I kinda do, but let me explain:

I’ve never looked at Trump as a paragon of decency, but his ideas have attracted me since the beginning of his campaign. Now, it’s painfully clear to anyone who was ever in doubt, Donald just isn’t that great of a guy, morally speaking. He’s not the man you want your daughter to date, he’s not the guy you want to take relationship advice from, and he’s certainly not someone that could deliver a powerful sermon at church.

But he’s not running to be elected as the Pope, he’s running for president of the United States. So I’ve asked myself, do I care about the morality of the President? Well, truthfully, I was a big fan of Ben Carson specifically because of his morality. Of all the candidates, I saw him as the most honest and genuine, which differentiated him from the other career politicians, and he proved that he was intelligent and had some good, fresh, unique ideas for our country. Unfortunately, he just didn’t have the charisma (the “umph”) to compete with the smooth talkers of Washington D.C. Trump does.

Being deeply religious myself, it may seem odd that I would be OK supporting someone like Trump. After spending some time thinking about it, I realized that the morality of my president doesn’t matter so much to me because I’m not looking to him/her for moral lessons. I go to church for that; I read the Bible for that. When I see a way to be dishonest and take a shortcut in life, I don’t ask myself “What Would Obama Do?”

Liberals, who have ironically called for a stronger separation between church and state, now cry foul when a president who runs from church wants to run the state. (To be fair, Trump does say that he is religious and that he reads the Bible. I won’t say he’s a liar, but I live my faith differently than he does.) Hillary Clinton has been involved in her fair share of questionable circumstances as well, but honestly, I’m not so concerned about them either. I don’t support Clinton, but mostly because I don’t agree with her policies, not because I think she’s a criminal. In one time in America’s history, the president probably was a moral leader, and the people needed that. Today, our choice between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump show that morality doesn’t matter so much to anyone, neither on the left nor on the right.

So condemn Trump all you want. I agree. I wouldn’t kick it with him on weekends. However, I do believe that he has the skills and capability to do the job as president. I don’t care if he volunteers at soup kitchens, I can do that myself, but I do care if he can take care of ISIS or not; that’s something I can’t do. I need him to help our economy, solve the debt crisis, improve our education system, our infrastructure, et cetera. When I need help with interpreting scripture, I’ll direct that question to someone else.