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Stories of the mountains…

An afternoon walk, a wrong turn and a stone hut

All that remains of an old stone hut where the North-south Track crosses the Old Hobartians Track.
The North-south Track traverses forest showing signs of recent fire
Cherry ballart was in profusion as an understaorey to the eucalyptus forest.
The wrong turn reveals a variety of acacia in bloom.
September — and the acacias bring splashes of bright colour to the bush.
New Town Falls
Junction Cabin—time for a snack.
Junction Cabin with its stone-encased water tank.


The North-South Track is dual use, hiking and mountain biking. We encountered only a single mountain biker on the walk in, a young woman higher up on the mountain making her slow ascent of the trail. Usually, the trail is ridden as a mostly-downhill ride from The Springs to Glenorchy. Walkers wishing to encounter fewer mountain bikers might choose a week day for their hike.



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Russ Grayson

I'm an independent online and photojournalist living on the Tasmanian coast after nine months on the road in a minivan.