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Autumn colour in Launceston

It is a quiet space on the edge of the city centre, Launceston’s City Park, a place to relax, to watch the snow monkeys in their pen and, come autumn, to view the colours of the exotic trees as their foliage goes from green to yellow to red, and then falls to cover the ground in a colourful mat of leaves.

We took a walk through the park while in Launceston on a cloudy afternoon as the autumn recently gone was nearing its end. The bright reds and yellows of the deciduous trees shone in their intensity to complement the greens of the other foliage.

City Park is crisscrossed by a network of paths accessible to people with mobility aids. As well as the snow monkey pen there is a cafe, childrens’ playground and a conservatory with orchids and other species.

City Park is a short walk along Brisbane Street to the eastern edge of the CBD.

The falling foliage of a gingko covers the ground in yellow as the sun breaks through the clouds to shine its wan light on the tree.
The faded yellow-orange of a tree by the conservatory.
The ground is wet after a brief shower passes by. City Park features many different mature trees from different places.
Turning yellow in the dim light of late afternoon, a deciduous tree seems to glow in the gathering gloom.
A landscape of green and orange.
Paths empty of people who have vacated City Park as the rain came over. A tree’s foliage changes from green to brown.
The intensity of the autumn hues splashes the park with points of bright colour.
The conservatory houses ferns, orchids and other plant species needing protection from the cold and wind.
Fiona’s fleece top almost matches the tree’s foliage in colour, but not in intensity.



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Russ Grayson

I'm an independent online and photojournalist living on the Tasmanian coast after nine months on the road in a minivan.