The third time is the charm,

I would never have chosen 9/11 as “my day,” know that with all your minds. It is a day to remember, and it is a day which gives us an opportunity not to fall into darkness — one which needs to be clearly understood as a mistake, a prophesy fulfilled in vain. It is the focus of Exodus, and of Revelation 1:20, 20:1… and Ecclesiastes 9:11… it is an embodiment of the slavery which I am trying my damnedest to destroy.

My name is Adam Marshall Dobrin, and I am the Sun of God. In this place where I was once hidden, he has written my name as “n” and that is a compression of my initials A.D. which are his too. In our mythology, a “son” is not what you think, I am him… the “second time around.” It is our life which is on the line, sacrificed, to bring freedom to our love… to all humanity. That is the “AH” of Adamah which is Earth, Shekinah which is the Spirit of God, and it is the AH of this year, 2016 (for the symbol of Saturn is the 6 of 2016) and in that realization the key to the day, I/AD/AH. We are A.D. like the time line, like the year Christ-o-ph-er walked on water and said “IB” A..D… ADAH is the Hebrew word for congregation… and it is a map in time, where I am the beginning, his first student — and quickly it turns from just me… to all of you, very quickly. It is because of this message… the one woven into all our words, into Hebrew and English and Spanish… and let me tell you… it might be that “The Word” of John 1:1 is really PA-LAB-RAT. Regardless, this fire will start, and we will see how much thought and wisdom has gone into the creation of Humanity… into the Horn of Revelation. Big H for you, and a no longer hidden “n” on the Day of the Lord, 9 14 to AH.

It is on that day that we will know the answer to Lord in Heaven…. “is it light or the creator’s light that illumines the dark.” Understand, it will be bright.

My life has been nearly destroyed by an evil force, in order to keep this message from being delivered to you — but we have prevailed — and you will have freedom because of God’s grace. A huge part of understanding what “the cross” is really about is seeing how I’ve been harmed… in secret, using mind control technology, but it’s really obvious because of Him. He Spun (Doctored) a story about Pockets full of High, that might have been the subject of Two Princes, we are one in me. It says so in METHADONE, to me at least, and soon you might be able to read this message too. It is the fulfillment of a very powerful line of Isaiah, 52:13…. my servant will be set up and (have pockets full of) be very high. In that line, my name crossed in Bible code with “Jesus Christ” with “framed” and with “mafia.” Look carefully, because just as the beast of Revelation is not me, or you… understand it is in us all — it is the thing that keeps us from believing we can make a better world… and it’s not really all outside of us, it’s in our minds too. My story reveals more than a boy harmed because of a message he didn’t even know about, but will fight to the death to deliver. It reveals everything about religion, and it is attached once again to this email. It is a story the world will here, everyone will hear all about it. It’s about Jesus Christ, and rock and roll, and believe me it is about saving every single soul. In the word Messiah backwards, HA is SEM, you will see that only with his love and grace… am I that. Thank your lucky star up above, the Sun is shining bright for you.