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Bybit Cocktails: Follow Up to Consensus Invest 2018

Following Consensus Invest 2018, Bybit organized an event for all interested parties and more particularly for investors to learn more about Bybit.

What happened at Consensus Invest 2018

The event, held the previous day, was a resounding success with hundreds of cryptocurrency industry leaders, blockchain companies, financial institutions, hedge funds, and traders attending. The event focused on the future of cryptocurrencies, predictions made for 2019, the Bitcoin price, trading Bitcoin, and the cryptocurrency market in 2019.

The event regrouped about a hundred companies presenting their products on three floors in the New York Marriott Marquis Hotel. One of the companies that distinguished itself the most was Bybit, a crypto derivatives exchange, whose trading platform will go live on December 1, 2018.

To follow suit on the attention sparked by its product release, Bybit decided to organize an event for all interested parties

Bybit Cocktail, an event for investors

The event, entitled Bybit cocktails, was held on November 28 in New York Edition Hotel. The event aimed to start at 8 pm and finish at 10 pm and gather those wishing to learn more about Bybit.

Despite the bearish market, especially these last few weeks, the event, held in the New York Edition Hotel, was a resounding success with over 160 attendees. The event started earlier than planned at 7 pm and finished after 11 pm with many interested parties continuing to discuss and asking questions.

Among the attendees were market markers, hedge funds, VCs, quantitative teams, blockchain funds, and traditional media. A convivial and festive atmosphere pertained the event with many visitors socializing, inquiring about the exchange’s features and advantages, and demonstrating an interest in collaborating with the company.

A professional trading platform

Ben Zhou, Bybit’s CEO, addressed all guests in a speech in which he introduced the company, the team, and how the trading platform compares to others.

The CEO presented a safer, fairer, more humane, and faster trading platform as an alternative to the recent trading platform trend of having outdated, cold, insecure, and manipulative products and approaches to business.

The platform’s main features are its custom-made speed matching engine reaching ten times the industry speed with 100,000TPS per contract, APIs solutions, 24/7 multilingual live customer service, trading education courses, transparency level, and of course its main product the BTC perpetual contract.

Ben emphasized the desire the company has to set higher standards for the entire industry, to create a fair crypto trading environment, and to always improve its products, platform, and practices.

The event, deemed the most interesting and best organized of the week, ended late into the night with many participants expressing vivid interest in the company and its platform. The team has expressed its gratitude to all guests for their participation and hopes to soon hear from them.

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