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Companies fail at the process of deleting accounts

There’s a special place in hell for companies that make it difficult to close the account 😄

Have you ever stopped to think about how tedious the process of deleting entries in most software is — for both the ones we use on a daily basis and the ones that simply make test entries? You usually have to email the support team, sending a request to delete the account and wait for someone to answer you.

Let’s not mention that automatic response that fills you with hope for a solution, but after a few seconds you realize that it was sent by a machine, leaving you quite frustrated.

The process is slow and it increases your dissatisfaction. The ticket drags on and you think about making a public declaration criticizing the company’s methods. You are not wrong.

In a perfect world, you have the right to come and go as you please. However, things are not always that way with some software services. Wanting to cancel your account is tedious indeed.

Companies that fail

Let’s take a look at some cases. Of course, these companies can certainly improve in the future — this query was carried out in April 2018. Furthermore, some of the information was obtained based on knowledge, and not using a real account.

A helpdesk company that works via email and social media, used by over 6000 companies all over the world.

When you need to cancel/erase/close your account at, you should send a quick message to to take care of it. [See Groovehq help]

I actually went through this process a while ago when I was searching for helpdesk options for Bybrand. The cancellation took nearly 5 hours. I opened the ticket at 10:16 am and it was solved at 3:02 pm.

An online website creator where you do not need to know any coding or have design abilities.

You can erase an account if you do not have connected websites. In order to delete an account with websites, you need to contact them through the support email. Once again, you have to write to someone and wait for their goodwill. [See Strikingly help]

An app for organizing personal information through a note file. There are versions for a variety of operational and web systems.

You can deactivate an account by yourself, but in order to erase it completely, you must send a ticket to the support system. They almost got it.

A versatile data collection tool for professionals, using innovative web forms.

Typeform fails like all the others at the process of deleting an account.

(All you have to do is click on Contact Support on the bottom of the page and leave a message, including the email address associated with your Typeform account.)

If you know others, write us comments, please.

Those who get it right

In a perfect world, you would ideally have the freedom to erase your data completely without the mediation of a third party. You might want to evaluate an SaaS company by the way that they allow their clients to leave, through a simple process, in one click.


It was not by chance that Uber improved their process for deleting accounts in last year. The problem reached the spotlight in January after a #DeleteUber campaign spread throughout social media. This encouraged engineers to give higher priority to this resource.

Now the process is quick and easy, being completed through the app.

Once your Uber account has been deleted, there will be a short period (less than 4 weeks) in which you might be able to recover it. After this time, your account will be closed and will become irretrievable. [see help Uber]


It is easy to find the place where you cancel your account. However, it seems as though they hold on to your information for a good while, in case you want to go back. (Your recommendations and ratings will be saved for 10 months) [see help Netflix]

After deactivating your account, it will be completely erased after 30 days. It makes sense because you might want to go back and erasing a huge amount of information might not be an easy feat. [see help Twitter]

A deactivated account with fully erased information sounds pretty good. [see help Mailchimp]

A business-oriented video platform.

A very simple process with only one question about why you are leaving.


Bybrand delete account page

An email signature builder (free hand, no web forms), oriented towards marketing in signatures.

I work here!

When people leave, we get sad, but we need to give them the freedom to go. Because we use the Free-Trial business model, we get many account registrations and a good number of them do not sign up or use the complete service; they simply evaluate it and leave.

We hope to make people happier with it, and maybe one day they will come back.

It is true that services that have higher media coverage have a simpler process for deleting accounts.

Take Facebook, for example; a while ago, the social network was investigated by the ICO after a user complained that they could not remove their account, according to The New York Times. The case received a lot of attention and the resource became easier.

Even if you do not intend to leave the company, coming across a simple process for deleting accounts shows that those in charge, who are heading the business, are also worried about the small details.

Having an account removal system that is similar to the creation process is certainly desirable both for clients and for companies. And there is nothing to stop the companies that are not doing so well from improving this resource over time.

We will be rooting for that to happen.

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