How Adryane Lins is promoting her personal brand with rich email signatures

and attracting the attention of admirers, directors, and agencies.

Adryane Lins — Actor

From the time when she was little, Adryane Lins knew that she wanted to become an actor. She propelled her career with her desire and passion for the art of acting.

She holds a bachelor’s degree in performing arts with specializations in speech and dozens of other courses. Adryane is also a professional who worries about her personal brand; her image is her main product.

Funnily enough, one of her hobbies is the internet. She is always connected. She also knows that any slips can make her a villain, which is bad for business.

Professionally, she loves to perform in theatres, but what really pays her bills is doing advertising pieces for magazines and participating in TV commercials.

Her work routine

When she is not acting or participating in photo shoots and other shoots, her day at work comprises of organizing her agenda, updating social media, and sending dozens of emails to fellow artists, directors, set designers and agencies.

It is not surprising that she does this through Google Mail.

However, a few months ago, Adryane noticed a problem. The signature in the emails that she sent did not help her in any way. Actually, her messages were sent with a simple text, containing only her name.

You can imagine that she wanted to change the current situation.

With a quick Google search, she found Bybrand, to help her with the creation of a better email signature.

From protagonist to main actor

Today, every email that Adryane sends does not only share her professional image and social media pages, but also her most current jobs.

How Adryane is improving her signature:

  • Signatures that are rich in HTML, which show even when images are blocked.
  • Quick updates through Gmail integration
  • Bybrand campaigns, in order to share important events.
  • Professional website address and social media included in the signature.
  • Her professional and Whatsapp phone numbers.

Adryane and her love for theatre

And there is still more. 
Adryane found out that Bybrand Campaigns can promote her theatre work.

With Campaigns, she is able to promote her work and attract more people to watch her.

Adryane knows that on festive dates, such as mother’s day, there is a great opportunity for kids to take their mothers to the theatre. She is using the potential created by the signatures in emails that leave her inbox to promote herself and to create the thought:

taking my mother to the theatre would be a great idea.

  • [Mother’s day] A great gift for your mother;
  • [Valentine’s day] A good date idea for you and your boyfriend or girlfriend;
  • [Father’s Day] A great gift for your father.
  • [Wedding anniversary] Something great with which to impress your husband or wife.
  • [Children’s Day] A great idea of a place to take the kids
Do what Adryane Lins did; increase your brand’s potential with modern email signatures and become more noticed with each email that you send.

This is a story of a persona for marketing. Adryane Lins does not exist.