How to Bybrand speed up the images shown in your signature

Slow loading speed belongs to the time when we used DSL internet; there is possibly nothing more frustrating today than a website that takes long to load. You know, a website that is seconds faster than the competition’s will sell more.

No one has the patience to wait for heavy pages to be loaded — in fact, countless competitors are just a click away.

I myself, when I visit a website and that “loading” bubble stays there for over 5 seconds, I give up on it. And keep in mind that this is too long for a page that wants to make a difference.

I confess that I’m a patient guy.

What to think about your email signature

The rules for a quick website do not apply to your signature. But how should you look at an email signature that takes too long to load?

A slow signature means losing opportunities!

If people do not enjoy waiting for a website, something that they clicked on themselves and believe to be useful, imagine a signature, which is shown spontaneously.

A signature created for sales and marketing, which you definitely worked hard on, cannot suffer when it’s time to load. Each component has to be shown quickly, at the exact moment when the message is opened.

How we work at Bybrand

How we speed up the display of images in your signature.

All components of your signature, such as images and icons, are serviced with Amazon CloudFront, which delivers content from around the globe to all 5 continents. In other words, when an image is uploaded for your signature, it is distributed around the world, so that it can load faster.

For instance, let’s say that you are in South America. If you send an email to a contact in Australia, the message will probably be loaded through Amazon AWS’s server in Oceania. It will be much faster because it will be closer or due to better bandwidth and latency.

CloudFront has 107 points

Amazon CloudFront has 107 points of presence (96 edge locations and 11 regional edge caches) in 55 cities, from 24 countries.

With this, we help guarantee that your signature, which is very important, will be delivered with a high level of availability, scalability and performance to all of your clients, anywhere in the world.
This resource is available for all Free and Bybrand Premium accounts.

Requests using HTTPS

All of the images in your signature are serviced with HTTPS, which is no less important, because it is much easier to trust a certified address with “https://” than the non-certified ones.

It has not been proved if email providers that have strict anti-spam policies will trust an image with a safe address more or less.

assets with https

But so many new forms of attack on emails, by hackers, have been emerging, that it is better to do your best to avoid any problems.

How big companies use CDN’s

A content delivery network, or simply CDN, is a network of computers used to improve content delivery to final users in the internet. Big companies also use this service to deliver quick content to users.

Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, Twitter, Google, Sony and hundreds of others use they own CDN’s to send information to billions of users around the world.

Your Facebook and Twitter photos are forwarded to a CDN and then seen by you and your contact network. Your songs and videos on iTunes, from Apple, count on CDN services so that they can later be reproduced. That funny viral video of cats on is also serviced by CDN’s.

It is smart — any type of content in the internet which generates a lot of traffic can be distributed throughout a network of computers all over the world. Public files such as photos, videos, style sheets (CSS) and static scripts are great for this.

Finally, Amazon CloudFront are not the only ones who supply this service. I can name some known alternatives such as Akamai, Google Cloud and CDN77.

@Header Photo: by NAUSHIL ANSARI from Pexels

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