Photo by Mads W.

BYLINED: Q&A with Mads W.

By Alissa Ohashi

BYLINED: How do you spend your time?

Mads: I’m starting graduate school in Northern Kentucky in the fall where I’ll be studying Industrial Organizational Psychology. When I’m not studying, working, or photo-ing, I enjoy biking and hiking (recently got an ENOHammock…it’s da bomb!), snuggling with my kitty, and I also make some mean nachos.

BYLINED: Where did you take this photo? It’s such a unique perspective of Columbus.

Mads: I took this photograph on top of the Capital Plaza Parking Garage on South Young Street in Columbus, Ohio!

BYLINED: Where are you from, and what do you love about Columbus?

Mads: I am from Dayton, but went to Ohio State for undergrad. I love the people in Columbus. It feels so much like a second home! It’ll forever have a huge spot in my heart.

BYLINED: Are you a professional photographer?

Mads: I am working towards that! I would love to do more travel, engagement, and wedding shoots. I love doing portraiture work and capturing the essence of a person.

BYLINED: Any photography tips for our BYLINERS?

Mads: I think the most important thing is just to practice! You will see huge personal growth both in technique and style the more often you get out there. I try to carry a DSLR or an analog camera around with me most of the time.

BYLINED: What was the inspiration behind this photo?

Mads: I took this about a week before I graduated from Ohio State. I was feeling sentimental and so I took an afternoon to walk around the city.

BYLINED: If you could shoot for any brand, what brand would you shoot for?

Mads: Currently my goal is to become an elopement photographer for Junebug Weddings. Their photographers combine both an adventurous spirit and a unique perspective on traditional wedding photography. I would love to travel to take pictures of couples in love!


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