‘Booksmart’ Graduates the Raunchy Summer Comedy to a New Level of Funny

School is almost over, the graduation parties are about to start up. After that, it’s time for high school seniors to grow up, right? Well, Molly (played by Beanie Feldstein from Ladybird and Neighbors 2) and Amy (Kaitlyn Dever from Last Man Standing and Home Improvement) are two lifelong friends who realize that they better get a few senior shenanigans in and quickly. Adult life, college, and making tampons in Botswana are waiting for no woman.

The film follows the two friends through their last day of school and into their last night as high schoolers as they search for their last opportunity to let loose. Amy is on a mission to at least get the attention of the girl she has been crushing on, while Molly just wants to check this one last milestone (crazy party) off her list. Each girl fails spectacularly as the night wears on. Eventually, they land in the most post-modern screaming match scenes you will witness this year. Can their relationship survive the most epic night of their lives?

Olivia Wilde’s directorial debut Booksmart is a raunchy summer comedy like none we’ve seen since American Pie. Wilde brings her dark scenes of humor to the screen and along with a fresh perspective on the “school’s-out-let’s-get-ruined” comedy that has become a staple for summer. Audiences can expect a comedic structure reminiscent of Fast Times at Ridgemont High, but with the fresh wit and social humor of Broad City girls. Breakout comedienne Billy Lourd as rich, ditzy, and maybe a bit magical Gigi will have you falling out of your seat with laughter. Jessica Williams of Two Dope Queens fame adds to the laughs as that teacher who is always so chill that you wish you could party with her. Just be careful what you wish for with William’s Miss Fine.

Booksmart is a carefully plotted tale with evenly layered laughs that will keep your attention rapt to the screen the entire 102 minutes. There are several cringeworthy moments, but they are not turn-off cringey. They will have some people in the audience wondering if they truly looked that stupid geeking out with their best friend in high school. Trust me…you did. Collaborations with other seasoned comedians like Lisa Kudrow and Will Forte are pleasant surprises that help Dever and Feldstein carry their debut as a comedic duo. (You must do this again, ladies.)

The sharp dialogue, engaging narrative, and fresh perspective on an old genre will have Booksmart on everyone’s “to see” list this summer. The film opens on May 24th in theaters everywhere. Get your tickets now.

Booksmart is rated R comedy with a 102-minute run-time.

Rating 5 of 5 stars.