I am HERE for the #BlackandGoldFilm…Are You?

Today, I learned that there is an initiative to promote Asian American films. It’s called the #GoldOpen and is designed to give films created by, featuring, and targeting Asian American audiences that huge opening weekend. This means special screenings, promotions, and bought out theaters — anything to help boost the box office for opening weekend

I mean, we all know that the opening weekend determines whether a film “makes it” or breaks in Hollywood. This is especially true in the age of the billion-dollar box office films. (Talking about you MCU and Aquaman.) Everyone is scrambling to not only to make a profit that first weekend but to also blow tickets sales to the sky. #GoldOpen does that.

I recently found out that they are organizing to boost the opening weekend of the upcoming rom-com The Sun is Also A Star. The film, adapted from the wildly popular YA novel by Nicola Yoon, stars Yara Shahidi as Natasha Kingsley and newcomer Charles Melton as Daniel Bae. The two have the most epic day that ends in the most upsetting way, in a story that strikes all the right notes of a perfect rom-com. The stars are a black woman and a Korean man, so in the words of Donald Glover “This is America, oop!” (What I mean is, the deck is stacked against movies like this. #racismisreal)

The #GoldOpen teams have started #BlackandGoldOpen to help give The Sun is Also a Star a healthy opening weekend. We all know that the only way that studios will keep taking chances on OUR content that centers US is if they make their money…and more. So the #BlackandGoldOpen people are doing all they can to help. “Last night in New York, Designer Prabal Gurung and Allure Magazine’s Michelle Lee hosted a special screening followed by a Q & A in support of the upcoming film.” These activities and more can be found on social media using the #BlackandGoldOpen hashtag. The film premieres on Friday, May 17, 2019.


#BlackandGoldBoost to Support Them All

In a perfect world, we could get this #BlackandGoldBoost hashtag to boost any films featuring Asian and Black actors. We need this for tv and film because too many diverse shows get a season or two before being canceled. They need a fighting chance. We need a way to let people know to support so that we can get even more people of color and black leads in rom-coms.

For example, Netflix has a new film coming out on May 31, 2019. Always Be My Maybe is a rom-com starring the hilarious Ali Wong and Randall Park. There is also the wonderfully talented Michelle Buteau, who I love seeing onscreen! The hashtag would be a great way to let folks know to support the film that first weekend. We need to let Netflix know that this content is needed.

Here’s the trailer. Don’t drink anything while watching. The liquid will end up all over the screen.

So do you think we can make this #BlackandGoldBoost hashtag work? Whatever you decide, don’t forget the #BlackandGoldOpen campaign. Search the hashtag and find out how to support at a theater near you. There may be a free screening available this weekend!