Little Things To Do Every Morning

For A Great Day Ahead And Hence For A Happy Life

Apr 18 · 4 min read
Photo by Dawid Zawiła on Unsplash

Every new day comes with a new hope. No matter what happened last day, a new day gives you a chance for a new beginning. We can start a new life with a new day. Last night was the last night for some and we are blessed with another chance to live a better life and we can make the most out of our day and thus out of our life if we begin our day with a proper state of mind. Here are some little things that you can do to make your day

Gratitude: Begin your day with gratitude. Be grateful that you have a new day. Don’t just charge your phones, watches, and laptops the first thing in the morning, charge yourself up as well with positivity that will last you all day and the most powerful of all positive emotions that make you feel empowered is gratitude because it forces you to shift your attention to your blessings than to your problems which are anyways going to be an integral part of all of our lives. You have so much to be grateful for. Remember that every day.

Be With God: Spend a little time with God every day. You believe in the presence of God or not is totally depends on you. But if you do so and give five minutes to God it will give you an amazing peace which you can’t find anywhere.

Watch Sunrise: Wake up early at least before the sun rises and watch the sun rising. It’s the best thing that you can do in the morning. The beautiful colors of Sunrise, chirping of birds, fresh breeze on our face start our day with happiness and positivity.

Be Positive: Resolve to have a positive vision. Nobody including ourselves is perfect everybody has a good and a not-so-good side to them and the tendency of the mind is to look at the not-so-good side. Every morning resolve that you will try and look at the positive side of people and neglect or deal with the dark side because if we focus on the negative, our mind becomes occupied with others faults ruining our work, our day, our peace, our joy, and even our relationships. Have a look at the positive side of your life.

Trust The Broader Plan: Tell yourself that whatever is going to happen today, the apparent good or the apparent bad is exactly what I need at this point of time in my life, nothing more, nothing less. Have complete trust that every incident that’s going to happen throughout the day which is beyond your control, is simply a small part of a much larger picture that will unfold eventually only for your good and you are well being. Keep reminding yourself of this as you are confronted with challenging situations throughout the day.

Do The Small Things Right: Although doing little things right may seem small, they lead to a very big attitude. Making your bed in the morning will reinforce the fact that little things in life matter. If you can’t do the little things right, you will never be able to do the big things right. Doing little things right or wrong becomes a habit. And that’s how you do all the big things.

There is a morning prayer which I found coincidently but I start my day with this. Here it is “Good Morning Lord! Thank you for a new day. Thank you that your compassion is renewed every morning. Great is your faithfulness and your steadfast love. Oh, Lord! I don’t know what all is going to happen today and how much I will get done but you do so I give this day to you. Fill me with your holy spirit Father, energize me for your work. Awaken me to the wonder of your salvation and quicken my spirit to the reality of your work in my life. Lord my mind is filled with creative ideas but they are all jumbled. Holy Spirit come and hover over my mind like you hover over the waters at creation and speak order out of the chaos! Help me to cease striving and to trust that you will give me all I need today to do the work You have given me to do. You will be faithful to complete the good work You have started and as I step out into my day I declare your sovereignty over every area of my life. I entrust myself to you and ask that you use me however you see fit. This day is Yours. My body is Yours. My mind is Yours. Everything I am is Yours. May you be pleased with me today. Amen!

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