Bynd Portfolio Founders Series

Episode 5 | Zenrows | Aurken Bilbao

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ZenRows is a next-generation Web Scraping API & Data Extraction tool that automatically turns HTMLs into structured data.

Aurken Bilbao — CEO & Co-Founder

1. How did you come up with the idea for Zenrows?

I have been involved in projects with massive data needs for years, where the dependence on technical teams is enormous. There are always fires to put out,
and the process is very cumbersome.

And we thought: there needs to be a better way. Why don’t we create a tool that takes care of all the headaches for all those data-driven companies?
And that was the germ of ZenRows.

2. How would you explain to a 5 year old what Zenrows does?

ZenRows has created an innovative software to make it easy for businesses to
collect, organize and access web data without the hassle.

3. What are the main takeaways and lessons learned you take from your previous experiences as an entrepreneur?

Some takeaways would be:

  • Founders’ alignment is critical. Without this, the rest does not matter.
  • Don’t be afraid to launch. Perfect is the enemy of Done.
  • Talk to your customers. There are no truths inside the building.
  • The team is everything. Take care of them.

4. Why did you choose to establish your company / team in Spain?

This one is easy :)

We were born in a small city called Bilbao. The city has always been industrial, and we consider it has the ingredients to become a technology hub.

The ecosystem has nothing to do with what it was 10 years ago, and we believe it is a fantastic time to create global projects from here.

We want to contribute our grain of sand to the ecosystem.

Zenrows Team

5. How do you define ZenRows’ culture in five or less words?

Commitment, ownership, hard work, fun, good vibes.

In other words: Work hard, play hard.

6. What is your vision for Zenrows 5–10 years from now?

To become leaders in data collection and automation.

We are obsessed with reducing the technical entry-level in data projects while
making them accessible to companies without specialized resources.

Our vision is that companies feed on web data with the same ease with which they create a profile on a social network.

7. What do you expect to achieve with the funds recently raised?

Continue growing the team, improve the product and open new product lines.

We have many exciting things ahead of us and a lot of energy and grit to carry
them out.

About The Series

Bynd Portfolio Founders Series invites the founders of the Startups backed by Bynd to share their experience creating a startup. With each of its episodes dedicated to a single startup or founder, it provides an informal, and deep look at the world of entrepreneurship.

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