Bynd with Christmas:
5 gifts ideas from our B2C portfolio companies

Bynd VC
Bynd VC
Dec 10, 2019 · 4 min read

Hello everyone!

“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas” and you still have some shopping to do. You may wonder why Bynd Venture Capital is so interested in celebrating this season and we will tell you all about it right away.

As you know, for the last nine years, Bynd Venture Capital has invested in some of the most promising B2C startups in Portugal and Spain. We are talking about the shin guards chosen by some of the best players in the world, or the solidarity platform that supports relevant causes all around the world through buying and selling different stuff, among others.

We may look at them as innovative startups, but at the end of the day, they sell a product and they should be in our mindset when we are looking for the perfect gift for our Secret Santa or that aunt we only see once a year.

That being said, Bynd Venture Capital challenged five B2C portfolio startups to bynd with Christmas and have some special offers that we are now happy to share with you:

1.Offer a smile for a cause: Christmas is the right time to think about others and eSolidar is offering gifts that will give back smiles and hope to those who need it the most. From a jersey signed by the players of the recent crown Flamengo soccer team in Brazil to guitars signed by renown artists, you will be able to match a unique present with having a strong impact. You can also make a difference by supporting growth and being part of the eSolidar family through the equity crowdfunding campaign.

2.SAK Project shin guards for all ages and genders: The coolest and safest shin guards in the world are produced in Viseu, by the Portuguese startup SAK Project. This is the ideal gift for your athletes at home, who want to be equipped like the best players in the world. These are the most resistant shin guards in the market with optimal leg fit and made from superior materials. In addition to protect the player and help his performance, these shin guards can be customized, so that each player can take the field with his lucky charms on his legs. The shin guards can be ordered through the website. You can enjoy a 15% discount if you use the code byndwithsak.

3. Colvin’s fresh flowers to color your Christmas: the Spanish home flower delivery and ordering platform has conquered the Portuguese, Spanish, Italian and German households with the freshest, most colorful and durable flowers on the market. They differ from the traditional offerings by being harvested at the time of order, so they are always delivered only 24 hours after they have been taken off the ground. That is why Colvin’s flowers last much longer than those sold in traditional stores. Additionally, the brand’s designers create unique bouquets that will dazzle you, adding a special touch to each home’s décor. The Christmas collection is available on the platform with 25% off in case you use the code byndwithcolvin.

4. The best professionals for any work at the distance of a click: if your Secret Santa needs an home extreme makeover, a new a website or help to prepare a special event, the Portuguese platform Zaask has the right professionals to do it. From the North to the South of Portugal and Spain, there are hundreds of professionals ready to take action when you need them the most. You can now buy a Zaask credit package to offer by using the code byndwithzaask.

5. New Year, New Language: there is nothing like getting renewed ambitions in 2020. If learning a language is on your wish list for next year, Tandem is the right gift for you since you will be able to find almost any spoken language in world! Whether it is Portuguese, Chinese, Latin, Russian, this platform will help you find the right tutor to teach. And what is the best way to learn if not practicing? From December 16th to 23rd, Tandem’s Pro service is 40% off.

We won’t take much more of your time. We hope this will be helpful in getting you through this season! Let’s bynd with Christmas, offer some different gifts this year and surprise everyone within the family or at the office.

Merry Christmas!

Bynd Venture Capital

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Bynd VC

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