High-Fidelity Humans revolutionizing our digital experience

Bynd VC team
Mar 30, 2020 · 2 min read

14 years — this was the research time that is behind Didimo’s product: the first software that enables you to create a digital human in a fast and simpler way.

In an ever-growing digital world, Didimo sets as its mission to break down the barriers between the digital and physical world through digital characterizations that represent our very own image and expressions. Opposed to regular avatars, Didimo’s so called high-fidelity humans represent users’ face with precision. Human characteristics and nuances, the qualities that make other people feel empathy, compassion and connected, will be visible to the other end, making you more than just an email, a username or a cartoon character.

“We envision a world where lovers can see their better-half’s face and emotions when talking to them, where friends, family and business partners will be able to connect via holograms, while keeping each other’s features pristine”, says the team in a blog post.

Didimo is also one of our latest invested startups — the team closed a 4.4-million-euro investment in December 2019, that had Bynd Venture Capital as one of its investors. Last year was a great year for the startup headquartered in Oporto, that also received a grant of 1.8 million euros by the European Commission SME Instrument.

It was a good omen to what is going to happen in 2020, when its product will be ready to be used by anyone — to use it, all you need to have is a smartphone with a camera. So far, they have been highlighted by EU-Startups as one of the “10 promising Portugal-based startups to watch in 2020”, and Verónica and her team were featured in news articles on relevant Portuguese media. Additionally, due to the new coronavirus, the team is also working closely with tech4COVID19, a movement of more than 3,000 people that aim to solve Covid-19 related problems using technology.

Didimo is revolutionizing the way we interact digitally and will soon start transforming industries. Looking forward to seeing and supporting Didimo conquer the digital space.

Bynd Venture Capital

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