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The Three Phases Of Great Tech Companies

The different phases organizations go through to reach a state where great Product Managers flourish.

Phase 1: Feature Factory

Almost all organizations start out in this phase. The company does not have product-market fit and vision. The organization has a vague and often implicit idea of the problem they are solving.

Phase 2: Solution Producer

The company realizes a lot of cool features are not panning out as they should. The giant Product Backlog puts a lot of pressure on everyone. Each Backlog Item is like a monkey. All these monkeys need to be fed and nurtured. This costs a lot of time and keeps people from performing valuable work. Everybody gets frustrated and people start thinking: there must be a better way!

Phase 3: Validation Machine

As the vision and problems needing to be solved become more clear, the company becomes more confident about the direction of the product. The company knows the problems they want to solve and now they want to be sure they are solving them good enough. The organization is now able to focus on achieving outcomes.

Validation machine: complete pipeline aligned and geared towards achieving desired outcomes together with a feedback loop.

Moving Through Phases Is Hard

Without the right collaboration between departments it is not possible to be a great PM. Different departments need to work together to achieve the right goals. There needs to be a complete pipeline from discovery, delivery to validation, together with a tight feedback loop.




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