Welcome to Bynder Tech!

Any company eager to grow properly needs to ensure efficient knowledge sharing across the different teams to keep the right attitude and focus towards the main goal. We all know how volatile the tendencies are in the software world, so although we might maintain the right pace internally, we would be out of the market very fast if we forgot to look at what is going on outside too, because knowledge sharing is an important factor both internally and externally.

There are many ways of reinforcing external knowledge sharing. Over the last few years, one particular method has attracted a lot of attention worldwide. I’m talking of course about Meetup which is basically a platform where anybody can create or attend meetups depending on what they know or what they want to learn about. It’s really easy to create an event. All you need is a topic to speak about and a location to hold the event. For this reason, it’s a great opportunity for companies that not only want to show their way of working but also want to listen to other professionals and improve their workflows as a result.

We just lived that experience on November 8th in our Barcelona office. We hosted a Product Ownership event where three different speakers (including our Barcelona Product Owner (PO), Maarten Dalmijn) talked about their daily work and ideas to improve the product owner’s way of working. The whole team agreed on the benefits of hosting this kind of event in the office, since it’s not only a way of sharing knowledge but also a great way of gaining recognition as a company in Barcelona and strengthening our brand.

Product Ownership Meetup
“The biggest takeaway was that you can be successful as a PO coming from totally different backgrounds and each of the POs had developed their own approach to the role.” Maarten Dalmijn

In keeping with this very positive trend, we have already decided to host a new meetup on 23rd November about DevOps and Continuous Delivery. We expect that this new event will be as successful as the first one and that we will gain some new insights to add to our own workflows.

Another way of engaging in external sharing is via a Blog. While the interaction with other professionals may not be as dynamic as the meetup event as there is no face to face conversation, the feedback we could get is just as valuable. The main objective is to write about ideas related to Technology, whether directly related to Bynder or not. In this sense, everybody in the company is welcome to write and share their ideas not only to show our knowledge to the outside world but also to learn from any comments or feedback.

Following the success of the meetup, we thought we should promote more ways to share and learn, and so what you are reading now should be considered the introduction to our new Bynder Tech blog! From now on, please feel free to write and interact with us!