Today is World Refugee Day today, here’s an uplifting story from Shout!’s founder

“One of the most touching reactions to my trip came from a near-total stranger. For weeks, I had planned [my trip to Iraq] at a local DC Starbucks in the wee hours of the morning before heading to my day job at the World Bank. The very day of my departure, just before I caught my train to New York, kicking off the journey to Iraq, the manager made an unprompted donation for the refugees in the form of boxes of instant coffee for [the Kawergosk camp] refugees, which I added to my carry-on luggage. Her gift never left my side until I reached the refugee camp. Even my mere act of planning this trip had inspired others.”

For those of you wondering where these kind souls are, they’re located at the Starbucks on 18th and I in DC.

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