Booting Holacracy

Practcing Holacracy at Byte-Code

In the beginning of September, we officially launched Holacracy in Byte-Code, and it is time to reflect and share some thoughts and impressions on what is happening inside the company.

After a few tactical and governance meetings, I think we are still at a stage where we are capturing reality inside our records and not trying to modify things too much.
It is fascinating to see emerging of all those hidden accountabilities and the clarity that the process is bringing in, and clarity is a fundamental prerequisite to moving things forward.

We are not done yet in capturing all the reality, but I believe we are on the right track: getting used to the meetings formats, a better understanding of what is tactical stuff and what is governance matters, crafting more holacracy-friendly proposals and so on.

Despite that I am quite satisfied how things are going in many areas, some issues are emerging:

One is related to the old way of doing business and referring to people instead of roles, but I think this is quite reasonable, and we need some time to get used to the new way after ten years of operating with another model.

Another one is related to the fact that a part of our business is “on-site long term consulting,” so now we have an overlapping of our holacractic structure and one of the clients, and this, of course, is limiting the potential of holacarcy and is creating friction, and we need to understand how to handle those situations.

How I see the “organizational piramyd” in a Lego Serious Play Workshop

The road is still long to unfold all the potential, but I feel people are more involved in the company and more oriented to take accountability and action, starting to have more trust in the system, and having a clear understanding of what they can do.