How ByteCorp is Helping Tech Founders

The Pursuit of Building Vertical Disrupting Products

Asad Anwer
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4 min readOct 5, 2021


The startup ecosystem is booming, and people are realizing that a well-executed idea can create a plethora of positive changes in the world as they solve a relevant problem. The execution of an idea, however, from the formulation of the problem statement to designing and delivering the solution, can be a challenging task, especially when the idea consists of a tech-based solution.

ByteCorp has been working with Founders from all around the world; Startups in Silicon Valley, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Turkey. Our collaboration started with Application Development based products, that went all the way to products powered with our forte i.e. Computer Vision, Data Analytics, and Natural Language Processing.

Who do we suit best?

We don’t select who we work with based on a tech domain. Our selection is purely based on a problem that we can potentially fall in love with. The more interesting or complex the problem, the higher the chances are of us going out of our way to try and build an approach that creates the maximum possible impact from the proposed solution. ByteCorp aims to work with Tech Founders who are passionate about making a difference, and being founders ourselves, our main motive is to empathize; promising high returns on their investment of money, time, and trust.

Amer Haider from Cavium on ByteCorp

How we do it:

In each of the products that we have built in the past, and the ones currently being worked on, we have set certain values which we follow religiously. These values are transparency, trust, competence, innovation, and honesty.

The approach that ByteCorp follows is centered towards Product Thinking, which is the process of thinking in Product, and not in features. This means answering the question, “Why does the user face this problem?”

A summary can be done by considering it a user-first approach:

  • We define problems that the user faces
  • Create a strategy and vision around that problem
  • Formalize a Problem-Solution Fit
  • Work on the Goals in the form of a feature to solve them.

The complete approach for the delivery is divided into multiple phases — each phase has its deliverable, characteristics, and importance. It was designed as an amalgam of the Design Thinking process and the Double Diamond process. At ByteCorp, we like to call it the Effective MVP Diamonds.

The Effective MVP diamond by ByteCorp
Effective MVP Diamonds

The Effective MVP Diamonds look complex, but the process is quite simple. All the focus is towards putting the problem first, being transparent with the stakeholders while communicating efficiently and documenting religiously.

Furqan Ahmed from on his experience with ByteCorp

ByteCorp: Where we listen to products

ByteCorp stands for the establishment of a Technology-enabled world and works actively in the development of products and services that disrupts verticals; bringing positive tech adaptation.

We are constantly on the lookout for Founders who want to pursue the “this will never work”, or the “this is too vague for a startup” and other statements of the same paradigm. Everything we do defines what we stand for, and who we work with makes a big part of it.

If you are a Tech Founder looking for a Company to help you out with your journey, we will be glad to get in touch with you and make it worth your while to travel alongside us.



Asad Anwer

A Product Thinker by Profession, and a helping hand by choice.