Announcement: Piggos Origin Listing on AvatarArt

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2 min readSep 15, 2022



Piggos Origin is now listed on September 15, 2022 on AvatarArt marketplace.

Introduction to Piggos Origin

CryptoPiggos Origin is a collection of 10,000 Unique NFTs created by RareWorx. Each NFT design is carefully crafted, specially selected and bred with care and attention.

Piggos NFTs Benefit

Owning Piggos will bring a lot of benefits to the community:

🔹Protect women and children from inequality, violence, and exploitation

🔹Protect animals from the carnage

Owning Piggos will bring personal benefits such as:

🔹Earn CORN rewards in Discord and have voting rights on important issues affecting the Piggos community.

🔹Be entitled to enjoy and participate in contests

🔹Get huge discounts on Piggos Web3 Merchandise.

🔹Depending on the membership tier (Platinum, gold, silver), you will receive earnings points after you are verified.

Piggos Origin listing on AvatarArt timeline details

⏰ Time: September 15, 2022

⚡ Supply: 10,000 slots

📍 Venue:

👉 For: Those connecting their wallet with

About Piggos Origin

Piggos Origin is the first CryptoPiggos collection of 10,000 NFTs created on the Flow blockchain. Depending on the personality of each pig, there will be different designs. Each Piggo NFT will be embedded with 1 smart contract code and metadata.

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