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AvatarArt — ByteNext’s Spearhead Officially Launch

AvatarArt — The first step of ByteNext’s journey in the Metaverse virtual world is now available.

Setting a goal to be an NFT-Centric Metaverse Incubator, ByteNext’s immediate focus is on creating an ecosystem around NFTs, where they will create NFT projects spanning across sectors.

ByteNext — The NFT-Centric Metaverse Incubator

ByteNext is an Incubation Hub that aims to make the Metaverse Economy a reality. We set a goal to build a network of NFT projects, connected through an ecosystem that provides Openness, Sustainability, and Immersion. To do so, we established an ecosystem consisting of NFT Marketplace, DEX, Launchpad. To date, our key point to foster is AvatarArt.

AvatarArt Omni Marketplace | Mint and Trade curated physical artworks on Flow

AvatarArt sets a goal to be facilitating global art transactions and the development of the global art market using an easy-to-use platform and also elevating the Vietnamese artwork sector to integrate into the digital era. Unlike other available Art NFT projects which focus on a certain category, AvatarArt covers 4 main types of art: Physical NFT, Digital NFT, Generative NFT, and Social NFT. This difference is based on our knowledge about local culture or history themes, sourcing from a large pool of digital artist communities, creating the recipe to boost the capital turnover rate.

Our NFT Marketplace offers artists to mint, exhibit, and monetize their physical and digital artworks to reach millions of art lovers and collectors all around the world. AvatarArt will focus on the physical artwork market to help NFT-fy them to become valuable digital properties.

Physical Art NFT | One-stop station for Fine Art artists

In the face of counterfeiting and stealing ideas, AvatarArt plays the role of digital transformation, a platform that converts physical arts into digital arts with authenticity and unique ownership on blockchain, serving the desire to organize VR/AR exhibitions and auctions.

ByteNext & CHỌN de I’art | For the mission of elevating VietArts

Partnering with ByteNext in the AvatarArt development project in Physical Art NFT category, our strategic partner — CHỌN de I’art — A pioneering art auction house in Vietnam, plays the role of appraising and evaluating the quality of each artwork before it is minted into an NFT. After the appraisal, the artworks will be stored at the exhibition centers and provided insurance to minimize the influence of external factors.

CHỌN de I’art is known as the leading art auction house in Vietnam — which applies the strictest standards in auction from World Class art auctions- Sontheby’s and Christie’s. CHỌN has more than 6 years of experience in the art field, they have acted as the bridge, successfully introducing more than 6000 artworks to the masses. Additionally, they have auctioned nearly 1800 artworks and have assigned more than 600 ones.

Digital Art NFT and Social NFT | The future developing views for NFT Art

We define Digital Art in our ecosystem as any form of Art turned into Digital, especially Generative Art NFT — The incorporation between computer-automated systems and blockchain. Besides that, the Social NFT includes Fan Tokens and Influencer NFTs widely recognized, well-received KOLs from various fields, including Entertainment, Social, and Blockchain.

Introducing BNU Token

BNU is a utility token in the ByteNext ecosystem, created under BEP-20 on Binance Smart Chain. This token both exists on Binance Smart Chain and Flow and will be supported on more chains in the near future.

Simply put, users can use this token for:

  • Trading fee on ByteNext DEX
  • Staking in ByteNext Ecosystem
  • Required in NFT Drops
  • Staking and Farming
  • Bidding for INO Seeding or PreSale tickets
  • Liquidity Pool

Stay tuned to get more information about our projects and Launching Event as well




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ByteNext is a blockchain incubation hub that aims to make the Metaverse Economy a reality.

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