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[AvatarArt NFT Tournament] Stage 5: New Year Eve

On December 20, our AvatartArt Launching Event received a warm welcome from the community. The live broadcast opened a brand new chapter for ByteNext with impressive milestones:

1️⃣ Community Activity NFT Tournament (3 Stages) attracted 32,471 participants.

2️⃣ AvatarArt NFT Metaverse Marketplace Official Launching Event reached 13,000 interactions.

3️⃣ The first 8 NFT Artworks on AvatarArt were sold out within 5 minutes, with the total value of $50,000.

4️⃣ Keyword #AvatarArt reached Top Trending Twitter twice within 8 hours of release.

5️⃣ Twitter Channel reached 117,000 Followers.

6️⃣ Telegram Channel reached 65,900 Members.

ByteNext and AvatarArt could not have achieved these results without the support of the community. ByteNext decided to initiate Stage 5 — New Year Eve as a year-end gratitude to those who have accompanied us during 2021.

How to join

🗓 Stage 5, — Lucky Number, will start at 5 AM UTC December 28th 2021 to 4:59 PM UTC January 1st 2022.

Here are the Mechanism and Requirements for the final stage of this NFT Tournament:

☝️ Step 1: The participant will choose one of these letters: B Y T E N X, then choose a random number in range 00–99. And please be mindful that it takes 10 BNU for each Submit;

Step 2: Access here and spin to try your luck! But remember that you have to spin at 11 AM UTC, and in this period you can not choose the letter or number as well;

🖖 Step 3: After 12 PM UTC, you can claim your rewards.

For example, you choose the letter “B” and number “1”, then access our link in period 11 AM — 12 PM UTC to spin.

The specific timelines that you should note:

Reward Pool

💎 Here is the Reward Mechanism:

NFT Rewards

️🏆 The Jackpot: BNU Gold Medal NFT

️🥇 The First Prize: BNU Silver Medal NFT

BNU Rewards

The total BNU Rewards will be calculated: The amount of participants join submit day * 10 BNU. It means that BNU Rewards are not fixed, there will be more BNU rewarded if more people enter the race.

️🥈 The Second Prize: 45% BNU Reward Pool

️🥉 The Third Prize: 25% BNU Reward Pool

🎗️ The Consolation Prize: 15% BNU Reward Pool

The last 15% will be used as the transaction fees.

The participants who simultaneously won the jackpot and the first prize will get an NFT. And for the rest, the prize will be divided equally.

We use ChainLink to determine the results of each round.

Stay tuned to our Community campaigns here:




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