CrazyApez x ByteNext: Strategic Partnership Announcement

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2 min readOct 13, 2022


ByteNext is thrilled to announce our partnership with Crazy Apez — a limited edition mint designed to entice and delight the collector, the thrill seeker, and the ambassadors in the crypto-sphere.

CRAZYAPEZ INO will be released in October 2022 through ByteNext Launchpad, with inherent advantages for our community.

💥 About CrazyApez?

CrazyApez is Bored Ape Mystery boxes in chippy style (Big Head small body) with FREE NFT to redeem with 3D versions, including the physical collectibles.

✅ CrazyMetas side project to excite and delight the huge community of BAYC fans.

✅ Partnered up with a BAYC collector to bring collectibles and amazing art right to you in the form of hot new collectible items, that double as lottery tickets!

Unique features

⚡️ To make Notably the most famous brand in crypto, bored apes, cooler by making them physical!

⚡️ To top on that it’s a mystery box which you do not know what you get until you open the box!

💥 CrazyApez Launch Details:

- Name of Collection: CrazyApez

- NFT Name: CrazyApez

- Time: 8:08 AM UTC — October 18th, 2022

- Mint Price: $54.99

- Supply: 500 Slots

💥 INO rounds for the CrazyApez:

1. Whitelist

⑇ Quantity: 150 Slots

🔓Open: 8:08 AM UTC, October 18th

🔐Closed: 11:08 AM UTC, October 18th

— — — —

2. Public

⑇ Quantity: 350 Slots

🔓Open: 11:09 AM UTC, October 18th

🔐Closed: 4:59 PM UTC, October 22nd

🤝In cooperation with CrazyApez, ByteNext intends to promote cross-marketing and community activities and bring profitable policies for projects.

ByteNext will also assist in achieving CrazyApez’s vision and present projects that utilize the functions of CrazyApez.

🔗Discover CrazyApez:

Please stay tuned to our channels for updates on whitelist registration and a detailed INO schedule 🚀

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About ByteNext

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