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[Important Announcement] Updated Timeline of AvatarArt Official Launch

Due to the complicated situation of Covid-19 pandemic, our NFT Marketplace launching event will take place on the 20th of December instead of December 12th as expected. The offline plan will be changed into the online mode, accompanied by an exciting NFTs Tournament. Here are the latest Milestones for you to keep in mind:

📍 Product Milestones

  • 25/11: Complete Demo Version
  • 01/12: ByteNext Ecosystem
  • 12/12: Soft Launch
  • 20/12: Official Launching Event
  • Weekly Exclusive Auctions & Collections
AvatarArt New Product Milestone

📍 AvatarArt NFTs Tournament

  • Stage 1 (07/12–11/12): AvatarArt Community
  • Stage 2 (12/12–16/12): AvatarArt Soft Launch
  • Stage 3 (17/12–21/12): AvatarArt Official Launch
  • Stage 4 (22/12–26/12): AvatarArt Christmas
  • Stage 5 (27/12–31/12): AvatarArt New Year Eve
AvatarArt NFTs Tournament

Thanks to overwhelming interest in AvatarArt, we have experienced such rapid growth of our communities that beats our best expectations!! 💖ByteNext Technical Team is working our best to improve with raw feedback from you all.

Stay tuned to our Channels for the official release of AvatarArt domain here:



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