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Introducing AvatarArt by ByteNext

Blockchain technology and the crypto market have been making breakthrough growths and bringing many products with high applicability to the financial field. Amidst this emerged the all-new and innovative project — ByteNext.

Attracting many artists and art lovers around the world, AvatarArt will significantly promote Blockchain technology and NFT to become more popular and familiar to hundreds of millions of users, facilitating the Blockchain application to all aspects of life.

ByteNext came into life to solve current problems and promote Blockchain technology by creating highly applicable products that help deal with many issues in the current market.

NFT (Non-Fungible Token) is what we chose. Specifically, we build up the AvatarArt platform where art creators worldwide are free to make their artworks become NFT, bring them to virtual exhibitions, conduct transparent and public auctions with hundreds of millions of art lovers around the globe.

AvatarArt — NFT Marketplace for Artists

A diversified ecosystem for thousands of artists and even more paintings, AvatarArt provides artists with a platform to turn their work into NFTs to join exhibitions and auctions frequently. The forum will enable all transactions to be conducted most dynamically and conveniently to promote and develop the painting market to a new level and more efficiently.

Simply put, AvatarArt ecosystem includes:

  • a system supporting artists to make their works become NFT and create tokens
  • a system with NFT exchanges and auctions
  • a system of DD expert
  • a system of Virtual reality exhibitions with simulated works
  • a system of preservation painting centers

Primary features of AvatarArt Ecosystem:

  • NFT supporting system
  • Preservation center for artworks
  • Diligence experts
  • 3D virtual reality space to organize exhibitions and auctions
  • NFT auction system
  • Forum for Art lovers and speculators
  • A Platform for Creative artists
  • NFT transaction system

For more info, read the whitepaper:

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ByteNext is a blockchain incubation hub that aims to make the Metaverse Economy a reality.