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[NFT Tournament] Recap Stage 3 — AvatarArt Official Launch

Stage 3: Impressive Numbers

After months of preparation, ByteNext is excited to announce the official launch of our spearhead — AvatarArt NFT Marketplace on December 20th.

Before this special event, we organized the NFT Tournament including 5 stages to warm up the community.

The Stage 3: AvatarArt Official Launch lasted 3 days, from December 17 — December 21. There are more than 32,000 participants joined in, with 2,159,165 entries, and total completed tasks was 188,031.

We are delighted to be received such a huge support from community to improve our NFT Tournament Program as a preparation for our AvatarArt official launching event.

In the previous stage, besides the feedback on the test version of AvatarArt, we get some comments on the difficulty of tasks in Stage 2. Due to that, in this stage 3, ByteNext has adjusted the difficulty levels of tasks to reach more users who want to get our inclusive NFTs.

Stage 4: Christmas is Coming soon

As our announcement, Stage 4 of the tournament will be held as a celebration in the Holiday Season. Stage 4 — Christmas has pool rewards of up to 100 BNU Gold Medals and 300 BNU Silver Medals. In this stage, when you claim NFTs from the previous stages, these NFTs can be exchanged for tickets to play games on our website.

🗓 12 PM UTC+7 on December 22 — December 26

We will be rolling out some awesome news about what’s ahead over the coming days.

Stay tuned and Follow our channels to join the event to get your own NFTs!



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