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Recap AMA ByteNext x Vietnam Coin Market Community

Mr Hubert: Hello everyone,

Only 5 minutes left and the AMA event of Bytenext will be started

The representative for Vietnam Coin Market (VCM) is Admin Owner @taitan296 who will run AMA and Bytenext project’s representative is @tinhpvnb.

Translator: @nguyetvcm

Vietnam Coin Market Group (VCM) will be locked to make the event convenient.

After Segment 2 of the Vietnam Coin Market group will be opened a chat so that the community can ask the project.

How’s everything going?

Again, it’s been my greatest pleasure to announce today’s special AMA session


Today’s AMA session is composed of 4 parts:

✔️ Part 1 — Welcome

✔️ Part 2 — Q&A

✔️ Part 3 — Questions on Twitter — Guest will choose the 5 best questions from this Tweet:

🏆 Reward: $10 USDT / 1 winner.

✔️ Part 4 — Free — asking: the guests will choose about 5 good questions to answer.

🏆 Reward: $10 USDT / 1 winner

Craving for the question rain ahead after I unmute the group.

Anyway, let’s get the curtain roll-up and welcome @tinhpvnb.

Mr Tinh: Hi everyone! Thanks for you time to attend our AMA program. I am ready to listen to you and answer all of your questions.

Mr Hubert: Hello! It’s a pleasure to all of you who participated in the AMA today.

Could you briefly introduce about yourselves as well as your project?

Mr Tinh: My name is Tinh, Product Manager of ByteNext. ByteNext is a pioneering project supporting artists to turn their artworks into NFT.

Mr Hubert: How wonderful, sir. The VCM audience is also eager to study the Bytenext project.

Looking forward to have our audiences to know more about the project and the views.

Let’s get to the first question we’d like to know from you.

What makes the Bytenext project stand out more than the projects in the same direction at the moment?

Mr Tinh: We mainly focus on NFT and bringing real values of artworks to NFT space. Therefore, our NFT has high values

Current NFT projects focus mainly on unrealistic , low-value , digital products such as games or digital images

Meanwhile, AvatarArt brings real products to Blockchain. Besides, trade markets such as current products, AvatarArt offers an auction function for producrs.

We try our best to build up a unique expertise process so that it cannot be cloned by anyone.

Mr Hubert: Thank Tinh. We will come to the next question:

Who are some business partner/clients for Bytenext?

Mr Tinh: Our business partners will be global artists, art spectaculars and art museums.

Mr Hubert: I think this is a project with many partners. Lots of artists from all over the world.

Can’t wait any longer. I think the audience is wanting to learn more about the project:

What are the memorable milestones of Bytenext in the research and development process?

Mr Tinh: We developed BVote — a Blockchain-based voting and evaluation platform. It has been used in life.

With AvatarArt, we start to connect to artists and they are very excited about its operation.

for more information about BVote, you can read here:

Mr Hubert: Feeling quite excited about this project, sir. I think everyone will love it and support it as well.

We to the last question of the Q-A segment:

What does Bytenext plan to do to attract more users in the upcoming time?

Mr Tinh: We built up many plans to assess the crypt community.

We will access them by coopering with KOLs in many countries.

Besides, we cooperate with artists who have a lot of fans to promote and spread the project.

Language is not a barrier anymore because technology helps us deal with it.

Mr Hubert: How wonderful, sir. VCM will make a small contribution to the project support. Nice to do this. 😊

The last question is already done. Thank you @tinhpvnb for bringing the above useful information.

We’ll move on to segment 3. The first question will be:

Question 1. Is NFT multi ownership also available in bytenext? Can artists within your community collaborate with each other and work together and the artwork will be under their names? If not, will you consider having this since many people like work collaborations?

Firstly, only one person owns the NFT artwork. However, we will offer a function allowing NFT to be stored in the smart contract so that it can be owned by many people as shares. This is very suitable for people who don’t have enough finance but want to own NFT with high values. With this function, many people can own NFT under shares.

Each artists have to be under KYC process and provided with the only account compatible with their private wallets. However, in case many artists cooperate to create an artwork, we will offer them an institutional account. Artists have to sign an internal agreement to make the institutional valid on the AvatarArt platform.

Question 2. Adoption is a challenge for any blockchain project, especially in this sensitive period of the entire market when many blockchain projects die because only a few are using their platform. What is your team’s strategy and vision on this issue?

It can be seen easily that Blockchain has its own outstanding advantages and potentials. However, it is still hard to bring it closer to life due to the infrastructure and awareness of end users. We have experience in creating BVote (a Blockchain-based voting and evaluation system) which has been applied in life. In the implementation process of BVote, we collected a lot of feedback from end users and partners, and we understood their difficulties. They mainly had differences in making them aware of Blockchain’s advantages. we need to explain why they have to use a Blockchain-based system instead of others, what benefits they can get, whether it is expensive or not, what infrastructure they need to prepare. Therefore, when developing AvatarArt, we mainly focus on the features above. We tend to bring intermediate values and easy-to-use interface to users. We define Blockchain and NFT our tool for our expertise process. Now, we are trying our best to make it most convenient and suitable for end users to register and transact on AvatarArt platform.

Question 3. At this moment, which one the most Necessary for your project:

1. Investors

2. Community

3. Market/Exchange

4. Increasing Token price

5.Expanding partnership globally

And why this are so important?

Now, we mainly focus on building up our communities to spread the idea and operation of AvatarArt widely. Besides, we make endless efforts to contact partners, artists and art influencers who are suitable for the development of AvatarArt. We strongly believe that such real efforts will bring positive results to the values of BNU.

Question 4. What are the additional benefits of holding your tokens over those that don’t hold your tokens and is there also any benefits for long term holders?

BNU is a utility token used widely in AvatarArt ecosystem. it can be used for NFT auctions and transactions. AvatarArt will be developed constantly to increase the values of BNU. AvatarArt will offer attractive programs to holders so that they will have a chance to get NFT rewards with real values.

Question 5. Many DEFI projects are in a hurry to release products with serious errors in the smart contract. Have you performed audits by third parties? Do you think the your system is safe enough against hacks and hacker attacks?

With experienced technical teams, we always want to bring the most high quality products with minimum risks to users. Along with developing and ensuring the product quality, we cooperate with other partners such as Certik and Hackathon to audit our smart contract. However, this field has many potential risks, you still have to be careful in using Blockchain products. With us, users’ benefits are our priority so user can be secure when using our product.

Mr Hubert: Thanks @tinhpvnb for answering questions on Twitter of the VCM community.

Next, the Vietnam Coin Market Community will open a chat for the community to ask questions to the project. We will have 120s to ask. The Bytenext project will then choose 5 questions to answer.





Question 1. While you build your project, do you take into account community feedbacks and demands?

Of course! we always want to improve and develop the product to make it suitable for the market. Therefore, every feedback of users will be noted and considered to apply and make the product better.

Question 2. How important is the community to you? and how can we collaborate or help you for the development of the project?

We always want to receive support from the community. The community is the key factor deciding the future of project. Therefore, we always want to listen to the opinions of the community to come up with many programs to develop ByteNext communities in the words. In the upcoming days, there will be many special programs.

Question 3. What are your marketing strategies ? Do you have any targeted plans for South east Asia market where crypto has large possibilty in future? In other words who are your targeted customers?

We will focus on connecting to artists who has a lot of fans. Bringing artworks of famous artists to the platform of ByteNext will attract and bring a large number of users to ByteNext. Besides, we also need KOLs to spread our project strongly. Southeast Asian market is a dynamic and potential market. Therefore, we will have proper strategies to access the community there.

Question 4. Can you explain how is your Tokenomics Distribution? How many tokens Will be minted ? And How many tokens Will be locked by the team?

You can read more about our tokenomics here: Token of Team will be locked in 1 month, then linear till 12th month. Our team is committed to developing and accompanying the project for a long time. Therefore, we will the last one whose tokens are unlocked.

Question 5. Truly, you’ve done AMA in many telegram groups, so what next, what other way will you make your project more popular??

We will carry our many PR campaigns and connect to KOLs to spread the project. Besides, we will hold some offline workshops to introduce and attract artists to join our platform.

Mr Hubert: Thanks @tinhpvnb for answering questions in the VCM community.

So the AMA Bytenext at Vietnam Coin Market (VCM) is also coming to an end. Hopefully in this direct exchange, the community has a basic understanding of the Bytenext project. I am the moderator today. Congratulations to the Bytenext.

Thanks @tinhpvnb for joining AMA with the VCM community today. Wish you much health and success.

Again, don’t forget to join the Bytenext community for further assistance. Thanks everyone.

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